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Contributing Changes

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This is work in progress, and has not been agreed upon yet ;)

It also just covers Eclipse - please update for other IDEs!

The ZAP branching model is based on

In order to contribute code back to ZAP you will need to:

Fork the relevant projects to your own GitHub user

  1. Go to the relevant project pages (such as zaproxy/zaproxy and zaproxy/zap-extensions)
  2. Click on the "Fork" button on the top right

Change your IDE to point to your projects

You can import your projects directly into your IDE, in which case you can skip this step.

However if you have imported the zaproxy projects into Eclipse using the psf referred to in the Building page you will need to:

  • For Eclipse
    1. Select the menu Window -> Show View -> Other
    • Git / Git Repositories
    1. In the Git Repositories tab Right click the project/Remotes/origin node
    2. Select "Configure Push..."
    3. Enter your repo's URI

Change your IDE to also point to the zaproxy projects

  • For Eclipse
    1. Select the Git Repositories tab
    2. Right click the project/Remotes node and select "Create Remote"
    3. Enter a Remote name of "upstream"
    4. Select "Configure fetch"
    5. Enter the original zaproxy repo URI

Create a branch for you to work on

  • For Eclipse
    1. Right click the project
    2. Team -> Switch to -> New Branch...

Make and test your changes

Which is out of the scope of this guide ;)

Commit your changes back to your repo

To pick up the latest changes from the zaproxy projects

  • For Eclipse
    1. For each project
    2. Right click the project
    3. Select "Team -> Remote -> Fetch From..."
    4. Choose the "upstream" remote
    5. Right click the project
    6. Select "Team -> Merge..." and select the corresponding "upstream" branch