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FAQ: How can ZAP test sites that use certificate pinning?

Certificate pinning (also known as Public Key Pinning "is a mechanism for sites to specify which certificate authorities have issued valid certs for that site, and for user-agents to reject TLS connections to those sites if the certificate is not issued by a known-good CA." - see for more details.

Sites that use certificate pinning will typically not be loaded in your browser if you are proxying it through ZAP.

In Firefox you can change the About:config pref: 'security.cert_pinning.enforcement_level' to '0' or '1'

The levels supported are:

  • 0 Don't enforce any pins
  • 1 Enforce pins when the chain is not from a local root
  • 2 Always enforce pins

This article: states that Chrome will allow user installed root CA certificates to override pins.

Advice and guidance for other browsers appreciated :)

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