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@zaps166 zaps166 released this Sep 3, 2019 · 151 commits to master since this release

Files for download are in "Assets" section below

Changes since QMPlay2 19.08.27

  • fix possible compilation error with FFTSpectrum (all OSes) and PortAudio (macOS),
  • add code for finding VA-API and VDPAU drivers directory (useful for AppImage),
  • fixes in "QMPlay2.1", "QMPlay2.desktop", "QMPlay2.appdata.xml",
  • improve checking for EGL in X11 - less possibility to fail,
  • add (again) YouTube quality settings into settings widget,
  • update translation files (martinkg, Alexey Lugin),
  • allow only YUV420P videos in VideoToolBox,


  • QMPlay2-Win64-*.exe is designed for 64-bit Windows - it is recommended,
  • QMPlay2-Win32-*.exe is designed for 32-bit Windows - it can run on Windows XP with old, non-SSE2 CPU,
  • for portable version for Windows create empty file portable (without file extension) near the QMPlay2.exe file,
  • includes 32-bit msvcr100.dll for youtube-dl,
  • uses kode54 version of Game-Music-Emu,

Linux AppImage

  • don't forget to make it executable before run,
  • runs on old Linux distributions like openSUSE 13.1 (except VA-API due to driver version incompatibility),
  • you can use appimaged for system integration or you can extract files and integrate QMPlay2 manually,
  • libass, FFmpeg, taglib, libvdpau, libva, Qt are compiled from sources,
  • compiled on Ubuntu 16.04,
  • requires glibc 2.18,


  • *.deb packages are no longer available, use AppImage.


  • macOS Sierra or higher is required.


  • it is experimental,
  • it lacks of hardware video decoding, subtitles, and tag editor (taglib and libass are not compiled),
  • youtube-dl is not supported, so YouTube won't work,
  • UI is designed for desktop devices, not for mobile devices,
  • to use it, add "Storage" permissions in Android application settings.

Other downloads (can be obsolete)


f94cce3e1454594567096f4e1f3a9cbe85895c44  QMPlay2-19.09.03-1-x86_64.AppImage
b06d078923c59c6462305c18044a5dd47252fbd3  QMPlay2-19.09.03-Android-armv7-experimental.apk
9571050aaec52d970dccda276366135113ec7fed  QMPlay2-Win32-19.09.03.exe
471c906a7a4a45fda18411fd1cf8578a4525b800  QMPlay2-Win64-19.09.03.exe
360233abe7fda43379ccd57ae9d55b7df1e432a4  QMPlay2-macOS-19.09.03.dmg
4b27d93703c7c944629300780e474a4880eacae9  QMPlay2-src-19.09.03.tar.xz
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