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Deploy a Ripple Validator on Ubuntu to Azure in 4 minutes and 3 clicks
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Deploy a Ripple Validator on Ubuntu Server to Azure

This template deploys a Ripple Validator to Azure. When deployed, the resulting resource group will contain a fully working validator. Deploy the Azure resource group and application using the below button. Once completed, the application can be accessed on the Azure public IP address or public DNS name.


Have a fix or improvement to add? Here's how to get it out there!

  1. Fork the provider repository
  2. Clone your fork into a directory on your own machine
  3. Make your changes and test the deployment to Azure
  4. Commit and push your changes to your fork
  5. View your fork in GitHub to create a pull request

Someone from the team will review your request. Once it's ready we'll merge it into the main repository.

If you need help, feedback or a sanity check before investing time in a contribution, feel free to contact us to discuss your idea first.



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