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A customizable modular all-in-one Discord bot.

Getting Started

Zap is publicly available at


Zap can be easily self-hosted for use by anyone.

All you have to do is:

  1. Download the ZIP
  2. Extract the ZIP file using any zip extraction tool to a folder of your choice.
  3. Ensure you have NodeJS installed, which you can get here. If you just installed it, give your computer a quick restart before proceeding.
  4. Open a command prompt or terminal and navigate to the directory in which bot.js lives.
  5. Run npm install in the command prompt or terminal.
  6. Edit settings.example.json with a text editor or any editor of your choice and rename it to settings.json as soon as you're done.
  7. Run node bot.js in the same command prompt or terminal.

See? Really easy! If you still need a video tutorial, click here.


Zap is a modular bot written in JavaScript using the Eris library, which allows users to create their own modules easily for immediate use. Here's what you need to know.

module.exports.commands = ["hello", "bye", "heee"]; = [{cmd: "hello", desc: "new phone who dis", perm: []}, {cmd: "bye", desc: "ok bye", perm: ["createInstantInvite"]}, {cmd: "heee", desc: "are you michael jackson?", perm: ["manageMessages", "attachFiles"]}]; = ["messageDelete"];
module.exports.actions = function (type, cmd, body, obj) {
  if (type == "command" && cmd == "hello") {"hello " +}
  else if (type == "command" && cmd == "bye") {"bye " +}
  else if (type == "command" && cmd == "heee") {"you're not michael jackson!")}
  else if (type == "messageDelete") {"someone just deleted a message in this channel, you think you're sneaky?")}
module.exports.managersOnly = false; = "test";

commands - An array of strings (of your commands). If your module does not require commands and only uses events, replace it with []. Do NOT use the same commands regardless in the same module or in separate modules.

help - An array of objects. The cmd must be in the same order as the commands above it. This is shown in the help menu. A list of permissions can be found here.

events - An array of strings. Most events here should work perfectly fine. If unneeded, replace it with [].

actions - A function. This is where most of the magic happens. type will either return the event name (only events you specified earlier will be possible) or simply return command if it was triggered by a command you specified earlier. Note that type can be messageCreate as well if you specify it in the events array earlier. cmd will return the command used (without the prefix). body will return the text after the command. Also note that cmd and body are only used when type is command. Otherwise, cmd and body are always null. obj is either a Object, or an Array of Objects. Depending on the event used, for the most part. For simple events like messageDelete or channelDelete, obj in these cases will be the message object and the channel object respectively. If using a more advanced event such as messageReactionAdd, you'll see that it has message, emoji and userID. All 3 of these will be put in order into an array. In this case, obj[0] would be the message object, obj[1] would be the emoji object and obj[2] would be the userID string.

managersOnly - A boolean. If true, only managers specified in settings.json can use the command.

name - A string. Very important. Do NOT use the same module name in two modules.

Put this into a file ending with .js, and put it in the modules folder. If the bot is already running, use (prefix)load filenamewithoutjs (without .js ending, so if the module was in ping.js, then name is ping). If the bot hasn't started, it will load the module on the next start up. If you'd like to make changes to the file, save the file and use (prefix)reload modulename (module name specified at the bottom of the module file).

Important Note

For now, nothing too important, really. Just note that the project is licensed under GPL-v3.0, and also ensure you have base.js and help.js in your modules folder. The rest are optional.


A customizable modular all-in-one Discord bot.




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