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Lab wraps Git or Hub, making it simple to clone, fork, and interact with repositories on GitLab, including seamless workflows for creating merge requests, issues and snippets.

$ lab clone gitlab-com/infrastructure

# expands to:
$ git clone

hub + = hublab??

lab will look for hub and uses that as your git binary when available so you don't have to give up hub to use lab

$ lab version
git version 2.11.0
hub version 2.3.0-pre9
lab version 0.17.2


The hub tool made my life significantly easier and still does! lab is heavily inspired by hub and attempts to provide a similar feel.



  • git or hub


brew install zaquestion/tap/lab


nix-env -f '<nixpkgs>' -iA gitAndTools.lab


scoop bucket add zaquestion
scoop install lab


apk add lab


Installs lab into /usr/local/bin/

curl -s | sudo bash

NOTE: Please take care when executing scripts in this fashion. Make sure you trust the developer providing the script and consider peaking at the install script itself (ours is pretty simply ;)

PreBuilt Binaries

Head to the releases page and download your preferred release



git clone
cd lab
go install -ldflags "-X \"main.version=$(git  rev-parse --short=10 HEAD)\"" .


make install


See the contribution guide.


lab needs your GitLab information in order to interact with to your GitLab instance. There are several ways to provide this information to lab:

  1. environment variables: LAB_CORE_HOST, LAB_CORE_TOKEN;
    • If these variables are set, the config files will not be updated.
  2. environment variables: CI_PROJECT_URL, CI_JOB_TOKEN;
    • Note: these are meant for when lab is running within a GitLab CI pipeline
    • If these variables are set, the config files will not be updated.
  3. local configuration file in Tom's Obvious, Minimal Language (TOML): ./lab.toml;
    • No other config files will be used as overrides if a local configuration file is specified
  4. user-specific configuration file in TOML: ~/.config/lab/lab.toml.
  5. work-tree configuration file in TOML: .git/lab/lab.toml. The values in this file will override any values set in the user-specific configuration file.

If no suitable config values are found, lab will prompt for your GitLab information and save it into ~/.config/lab/lab.toml. For example:

$ lab
Enter default GitLab host (default:
Enter default GitLab token:

Command-specific flags can be set in the config files.

  comments = true # sets --comments on 'mr show' commands


lab provides completions for bash, elvish, fish, powershell and zsh.


lab completion bash will generate a bash completion script. Save this script and source it in your .bashrc:

source "/path/to/lab-completions.bash"


lab completion elvish will generate an elvish completion script. Save this script to ~/.elvish/lib/lab.elv and add use lab to your startup script at ~/.elvish/rc.elv


lab completion fish will generate a fish completion script. Save this script to ~/.config/fish/completions/


lab completion powershell will generate a powershell completion script. Save this script to ~/.config/powershell/lab-completions.ps1 and add Get-Content ~/.config/powershell/lab-completions.ps1 | Out-String | Invoke-Expression to your profile script at ~/.config/powershell/Microsoft.PowerShell_profile.ps1 (you might want to enable menu completion as well with Set-PSReadlineKeyHandler -Key Tab -Function MenuComplete).


lab completion zsh will generate a zsh completion script. zsh completions are denoted with the syntax _command-name, so save the output of lab completion to a file name _lab. Place the file in your $FPATH, or create an new directory and add it to your $FPATH.

fpath=(/path/to/script_directory $fpath)


Like hub, lab feels best when aliased as git. In your .bashrc or .bash_profile:

alias git=lab

NOTE: before aliasing, if you use git in your shell prompt command, be sure lab works by it's own first:

$ lab
Enter GitLab host (default:

To the extent possible under law, Zaq? Wiedmann has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Lab. This work is published from: United States.

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