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You can easily install the Zara 4 SDK for .NET applications using the NuGet package manager. NuGet is maintained with the latest Zara 4 SDK and is the best we to stay up to date.

Run Install-Package Zara4 from the NuGet package manager console to install the latest SDK. Alternatively install via the VS Package Management window.

Manual Install

Download and install Zara4.dll into your application. You must add a reference to the dll to import the Zara 4 SDK.


You must import the Zara 4 SDK into your application by copying the following lines into the top of your VB file.

Imports Zara4.API
Imports Zara4.API.ImageProcessing

Example usage

Dim apiClient = new Client("API_CLIENT_ID", "API_CLIENT_SECRET")
Dim originalImage = New LocalImageRequest("/path/to/original-image.jpg")

'Change request options
originalImage.optimisationMode = OptimisationMode.HIGHEST

Dim processedImage = apiClient.processImage(originalImage)
apiClient.downloadProcessedImage(processedImage, "/where/to/save/compressed-image.jpg")

Example application

To help you get started using the Zara 4 SDK with VB, we have created an example application demonstrating how to use the SDK.

C Sharp

You must import the Zara 4 SDK into your application by copying the following lines into the top of your C# file.

using Zara4.API;
using Zara4.API.ImageProcessing;

Example usage

Client apiClient = new Client("API_CLIENT_ID", "API_CLIENT_SECRET");
LocalImageRequest originalImage = new LocalImageRequest("/path/to/original-image.jpg");

// Change request options
originalImage.optimisationMode = OptimisationMode.HIGHEST;
originalImage.outputFormat = OutputFormat.MATCH;
originalImage.colourEnhancement = ColourEnhancement.IMPROVE_COLOUR;
originalImage.resizeMode = ResizeMode.NONE;

ProcessedImage processedImage = apiClient.processImage(originalImage);
apiClient.downloadProcessedImage(processedImage, "/where/to/save/compressed-image.jpg");