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Zarafa Inspector

Zarafa Inspector is a GUI application which can be used to "look into" Zarafa. It's similiar to OutlookSpy and MFCMAPI but it's Zarafa specific. (This program isn't actively supported by Zarafa)



The Zarafa Inspector supports:

  • Listing all users on a Zarafa Server
  • Viewing the UserStore of a user
  • Viewing the properties of a folder
  • Viewing the properties of a record
  • Showing the attachmenttable of a record
  • Showing the recipients of a record
  • Exporting an attachment
  • Exporting an email as EML
  • Exporting a folder as MBOX
  • Viewing zarafa-stats tables


Zarafa-Inspector depends on a few Python libraries:

Apart from these Python dependencies the tool only works running zarafa-server.


git clone 
cd zarafa-inspector
make (Needed to generate Python code from the Qt ui file)
python (requires root permissions to connect to the socket for an system session)

Connect to a remote server

python  -s https://serverip:237/zarafa -k /etc/zarafa/ssl/server.pem -p password

Using user sessions

The Zarafa-Inspector now supports user sessions, see the example below for the usage.

python  -s https://serverip:237/zarafa -U user -P password