A simple tool to parse a WordPress backup file to get a bunch of static HTML pages
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My WordPress blog (http://blog.zarate.tv/) was hacked (you can read about it here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/116335321298644733410/posts/Twa8esjctBd) so I decided to at least recover the content.

Luckily for me I had a recent backup and the DB looked good (no hacky HTML/JS on posts).

I could just re-install WP and import the backup, but I can't be bothered with maintaining WP.

This is a tool to go from WP's 3.2.1 backup file to a set of static HTML pages following the permalink structure.

What it does:

* Parses a WP backup XML file and outputs static HTML pages (index + a page per post or page *published*).
* Allows for custom HTML template so you can customize a little bit the output.

What it doesn't do:

* Clean up your DB of dodgy-spamy links (you are royally screwed if this is your case).
* Adapt to every single WP permalink structure (it follows the YYYY/MM/DD/post-title structure only).
* Give you back your images or other files you hosted yourself. These are not part of the backup, so not much to do here.

What it _might_ do:

* Native binaries for simpler usage.
* Work better with non-English characters in post titles.
* Category support.
* Comments support.

Let me know if you need anything else.

To compile simple call compile.sh (requires bin folder and XAPI, install by typing haxelib install xapi).
Then call neko bin/wpbackup-2-html.n for how to use.

Use at your own risk : )