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raindrop is a music game project aimed to be a multi-mode rhythm game for home desktops. It is a modern VSRG engine that supports warps, scroll speeds, and much more.


  • Negative-able BPM/stop support
  • Hidden/Fake notes
  • OJN cover support
  • Multiple timing systems
    • O2Jam (Near perfect simulation, with scoring)
    • Stepmania (excluding chord cohesion)
    • Raindrop Standard (with the EXP3 scoring system by Joe Zeng)
    • osu!mania (with the osu!mania scoring system)
    • EX-score scoring system
  • Multiple Gauges
    • O2Jam Gauge
    • Death/Groove/Survival/ExHard/Easy
    • Stepmania gauge
  • Hidden scrolling, user-adjustable
    • Flashlight, Hidden, Sudden
  • Speed classes
    • CMod (As Constant)
    • Common (Or Mode, based on time rather than beats! The default!)
    • Max Speed
    • Min Speed
    • Green Number support
  • Upscroll support
  • Autoplay
  • Random (By Lanes)
  • Failure deactivation
  • Lua Skinning with HTML-based librocket UI widgets
  • TTF based SDF font support
  • Rates, that also respect your desired target speed
  • Wheel sorting
  • Result Histogram, Grades
  • osu!mania storyboard support
  • Video playback via FFMPEG
  • Previewer commands to connect to bmsone or uBMSC/iBMSC
  • MP3/Ogg/WAV support
  • JPEG/PNG/BMP/TGA support, with an sRGB aware color space
  • Modern formats: BMSON/SM5 support
  • Scroll and/or Speed support for osu!, BMS and Stepmania charts
  • #PREVIEW extensions for BMS
  • #MUSIC extension for BMS
  • Automatic Chart Author extraction from #ARTIST tag

Formats supported

  • bms/bme/bml/pms (+ raindrop-specific extensions)
  • bmson
  • o2jam ojn/ojm
  • osu!mania
  • stepmania 3.9/5.0 (.sm/.ssc, with warps support, though no keysounds or delays.)

For several of these, the major mechanics varying between them are coded into raindrop, and are activated depending on the chart format. raindrop is built using OpenGL/PortAudio and most if not all are freely licensed libraries, while raindrop itself is licensed under the GPLv3.

Build status


The dependencies of the project right now are:

  • boost and boost::gil (develop)
  • glew
  • glfw 3.0
  • portaudio v19
  • libogg and libvorbis
  • libsndfile
  • soxr
  • portaudio
  • librocket
  • sqlite3
  • libjpeg(turbo) and libpng
  • lua 5.2.1
  • zlib
  • libmpg123 (optional, but recommended)
  • glm (header only)
  • LuaBridge (header only)
  • stb_TrueType (header only)
  • randint (header only)

With the exception of boost, the required includes for these dependencies are within the 'lib\include' folder. Header only libraries require nothing more to be used.

Building on Windows

Though you can compile them yourself, a full collection of pre-compiled libs can is available here If you're using Visual Studio, simply extracting these to the 'lib' directory will allow automatic linking. The solution will attempt to grab boost from NuGet first time, though it can simple be added manually if desired.

Building on Linux

To install the dependencies on Debian, run:

$ sudo apt install \
	clang \
	libavcodec-dev \
	libavformat-dev \
	libboost-all-dev \
	libglew-dev \
	libglfw3-dev \
	libglu1-mesa-dev \
	libjpeg62-turbo-dev \
	liblua5.2-dev \
	libmpg123-dev \
	libogg-dev \
	libpng-dev \
	libsndfile1-dev \
	libsoxr-dev \
	libsqlite3-dev \
	libswscale-dev \
	libvorbis-dev \
	libxi-dev \
	portaudio19-dev \

No package exists for libRocket, so you must compile it yourself. It requires CMake and FreeType.

$ sudo apt install cmake libfreetype6-dev
$ git clone
$ cd libRocket/Build
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ make
$ sudo make install

To compile raindrop, run:

$ scons
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