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Assets 3


  • Add SDF-based text rendering
  • Add osu!mania storyboard video support
  • Add BMS #GENRE to database
  • Add Green Number support
  • Add XGreat/Ridiculous support (W0)
  • Add the ability to adjust Hid/Sud/FL window sizes in config.ini


  • Improvements to unquantized bms conversion
  • Now only one instance of a font will ever be loaded
  • Fix some BMS charts that couldn't be loaded because of empty #playlevel
  • Fix short LN bug where note tails were failed while heads could still be hit (Raindrop Mechset)
  • Fix BGA loading on non-codepage paths.
  • Fix missing O2Jam long notes instantly failing
  • Make O2Jam pills system more correct
  • Actually apply automatic chart event fixes to O2Jam charts


  • New loading screen
  • Bias the game to 16:9 widescreen, stretch backgrounds horizontally
  • Reduce WASAPI exclusive shared mode latency by using values that enable event mode instead of poll mode
  • Readjust BMS/bmson timing. New NORMAL rank is old EASY rank, or 100 bmson judge_rank/#DEFEXRANK.
  • Fix Glow of notes and judgment not being applied.
  • Early miss window is 625ms now.

@zardoru zardoru released this Apr 11, 2017 · 37 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

Hello there! It's been a long time!
Most of development time was used up by a major refactoring to support multiple players and some other nice things including planning for raindrop AC.


  • arctichare skin by TomoAlien (It's a WIP, but it's been pending for so long might as well put it out since it's usable)
  • FFMPEG powered video playback! Supports HD video (BMS/bmson only)
  • Fixed crash when entering select music screen
  • OpenGL Shader support for skinning
  • sRGB color space support
  • When image files fail to load other extensions are attempted
  • Multithreaded keysound/bmson stem loading (Faster load times!)
  • Improved stability (I lost track of what I fixed. My bad!)

@zardoru zardoru released this Jun 3, 2016 · 100 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

It's that time of the year.


  • MP3 looping has been fixed. There shouldn't be any more noise after leaving previews for too long.
  • BMS exporting has been fixed. Files should have their proper extension, too.
  • Fixed osu!mania barlines' behaviour and implemented Nivrad's Bug.
  • Audio is no longer stopped on a groove gauge/easy gauge failure at the end.
  • Random has been fixed.
  • Fix bmson files not being picked up because of the std::filesystem transition.
  • Fix SVG density graph export being incorrect.


  • Mode mod. Speed is set depending on the speed that is active the longest. This is the mode by default.
  • librocket messages are now displayed on the console.
  • Speed modes are now accesible from the select music screen.
  • Classic BMS/IIDX pacemaker is now available and used by default.
  • Wheel sorting. Only sorts songs added so far for those of you not using preloading.
  • osu! storyboards. Most common features are available.
  • Song preview autodetects audio files now.
  • Song grouping by subtitle is now optional (requires regenerating database).
  • batch files now no longer require dragging files into the raindrop folder.

I hope this release is worthwhile. Score saving is the priority for next version, but thoughts on the IR and real life have taken priority.

@zardoru zardoru released this Feb 11, 2016 · 138 commits to master since this release

Assets 4

Update 0.301

Please grab the file if raindrop fails to start.
If after this it still fails, grab this
If after that it fails yet again please report the issue via twitter or github.


Febuary! We march onward with a new release today.
Mechacrash has come in and done some cleanup along with the usual new stuff.

  • BMS conversion shouldn't crash any more.
    • Known issue: extensions are being cut to 2 characters.
  • Performance with high amounts of barlines was improved.
  • An optional histogram can be enabled. It'll be shown on the evaluation screen regardless. (See skin.lua)
  • Judge #RANK 4 is now accepted.
  • Added the fail/success animations on 'simple'.
  • Added invisible note support
  • BMS conversion now does proper BGM export.
  • Bemuse-type Scrolls enabled. BMS export also preserves this information.
  • UI elements for Hidden modes has been enabled.
  • Picking gauge and timing system is now possible.
  • No more freeimage - boost::gil is now in use.
  • Many bugfixes!

@zardoru zardoru released this Nov 21, 2015 · 181 commits to master since this release

Assets 4

Version release v0.290.


Please get the 0.295 patch too, as it fixes turntable flags not being set on bmson files with explicit beat keymodes.


  • Custom screens. Usage given to it came in the form of an input test. Open inputtest.bat to look at it, chances are you'll find it useful for setting bindings for non-english keyboard layouts.


  • Audio clipping is now handled by PortAudio. Compress/Normalize on config.ini now are unused.
  • Fix a crash arising from a bunch of MP3 files.
  • Rate modifiers now work with bmson.
  • Fix a crash (hopefully) where switching around audio previews would end up in a crash.


  • bmson 1.0.0 support. See this sheet for details.


  • Simple skin now has a new bomb. It's the bomb.

@zardoru zardoru released this Oct 15, 2015 · 202 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

Minor in-between release to address some concerns.

  • Fix bms files being interpreted as pms files
  • Add bmson v0.21 LN support
  • Add simple skin
  • Audio quality improved as floats are used instead of sint16s.
  • Add Judge Offset support.
  • Get rid of lots of boost libraries with a c++11 equivalent. Executable is now slightly smaller.

@zardoru zardoru released this Oct 11, 2015 · 216 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

New release. It is required that you delete your old rd.db file for this release.


  • The song wheel has been remade, Now you'll be able to see artists and subtitles.
  • Song loading has been made overall faster.
  • New audio samples for the UI.
  • Random now respects scratch lane.
  • Fix load cancellation causing crashes.
  • Fix MISS BGAs on BMS files.
  • 250ms release time on stepmania/bms files.
  • Separation of symmetrical and assymetrical layouts (specialstyle)
  • Add 1K support
  • Fix unbound buttons from triggering the leftmost lane.
  • Fix conversion crashes.


  • Preliminary BMSON support.
  • Chart creators who put "/ obj. creator" will now have their credit separated from the artist tag on BMS files.
  • Warp support on stepmania now has proper behaviour.
  • Fix last speed on stepmania not being applied.

@zardoru zardoru released this Jul 27, 2015 · 247 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

This new version aims to be a mostly bugfixes relase.


  • Image loading is now performed by FreeImage, meaning that images that didn't load before now will, if they're not moving pictures.
  • Preload has been made functional. Now you can wait until raindrop loads all charts before it opens instead of opening inmediately.
  • The process of loading a chart can now be interrupted once the chart's data has already been loaded. You can cancel it once the samples or BGA are loading.
  • A few checkboxes have been added to enable some features that were previously not exposed.
  • Added random. It does not respect the scratch lane right now.
  • Judgments have been placed into a sprite sheet.


  • Fixed offset altering the notes' fraction value. This means colours won't be altered any more when enabling AudioCompensation or changing the overall offset.
  • Fixed positions being off when applying global offset and/or latency compensation.
  • Fixed o2jam BADs taking too much health from you.
  • Fixed o2jam hold releases not taking health from you.
  • Fixed bug where you could drop to negative health as long as you didn't miss by timeout.
  • Audio buzzing when resampling non 44100Hz streams has been fixed.
  • Altering the audio speed has been fixed.
  • Fixed laser sometimes taking a long time to fade when BPM was low.
  • O2Jam fractional measures should work correctly now.
  • Loading a chart on autoplay will no longer request valid bindings to be available.
  • 0-valued scrolls (on stepmania charts) are no longer ignored.
  • Fixed warps/speeds not being applied global offset.
  • Fixed loading screen being able to create a new nested screen when clicking by accident.

@zardoru zardoru released this Jul 11, 2015 · 271 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

New Features

  • Noteskin system (integrated with theming system)
  • FtB skin recreation on raindrop.
  • midi-note noteskin (Thanks, midiman!)
  • wafles4 noteskin (Thanks, wafles!)
  • Lua's require system has been implemented properly replacing the old dofile.
  • Backgrounds are now a single transformation, meaning that for instance, all layers of a BMS animation can be adjusted with just one object.
  • Some optimizations have been applied when possible to find the drawing range and judging range.
  • The bindings to keys are no longer on the theme, but config.ini instead.


  • Stepmania Speeds now are being mostly read and displayed.
  • Stepmania charts now use J4 timing, with J7 Marvelous as the ridiculous timing window if enabled.


  • A new Health Bar (Including a new Jambar for o2jam charts)
  • Gear keys are now part of the skin itself instead of hard code.
  • Holds can now shrink when being held.
  • Fonts now report the correct length in screen units of a string.
  • BADs on the O2 mechanics set will now not make the notes disappear.
  • Screen filter is now transparent according to the value on skin.lua.
  • Notes glow to the beat on the default skin.
  • Blending issues with the fonts have been addressed.


  • Vicinity's note colours have been fixed.
  • Invalid fonts will no longer crash the game.
  • Pressing escape after the last note was judged will not break out of the game, but jump to the evaluation screen inmediately.
  • osu!mania loader won't try to read charts without a mode specified any more.
  • osu!mania barlines have been made accurate to osu! now.
  • The Lua stack should not crash the game any more. (Increases stability!)
  • Exporting o!m charts will no longer put all notes in full volume.
  • A few memory leaks were found and fixed.

@zardoru zardoru released this May 1, 2015 · 318 commits to master since this release

Assets 3
  • Add partial SSC support
    • Add Warps support
    • Add Scolls support
  • Export SV changes to osu!mania and background music events.
  • NPS graph generator.
  • Stepmania and BMS charts do not use forced release holds by default any more. (Keybeat style)
  • Audio bugfixes.
  • Main menu doesn't go black any more when going back to it.
  • O2Jam GOODs don't suck health any more (oops)
  • Fix GROOVE bar not failing on BMS/SM charts.