@zardoru zardoru released this Feb 1, 2015 · 392 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

This release adds some fault tolerance- so instead of exploding you'll get a silent log whine.

New BMS Tags

  • #MUSIC: This tag allows the use of audio streamed from disk (Played at the very start of measure 0)
  • #OFFSET: This tag shifts all notes by the amount of seconds specified after they've been placed based off their located beat. (Should not include BGM events though right now it does, but this will be fixed for next month's release by adding an extra tag that allows shifting BGM events separately.)
  • #PREVIEWPOINT: This tag annotates where in the preview audio should it start playing. Set to 0 if unspecified.
  • #PREVIEW is automatically set to #MUSIC if this tag is used, and no #PREVIEW has been previously specified, in other words, #PREVIEW overrides the preview audio set by #MUSIC)
  • #MAKER: This tag (inherited from bemaniaDX) allows setting the author of the chart, who may be someone that is not the original author of the song.


  • Song backgrounds from BMS are automatically set to #BMP01.
  • BMS files that raindrop failed somehow to convert S-JIS sequences to valid UTF-8 sequences will now be skipped.
  • Invalid titles will be displayed only up to the first invalid character. (Fixes a crash)
  • Fonts are regenerated when the window is resized, making smaller and larger textures when the screen size changes to ideally increase a bit the quality, mostly on upsizing.


  • librocket has been enabled. There are not many uses for this yet, but this will be the main way of accessing UI controls from now on. Old buttons have still not been ported to this.
  • A property has been added to ScreenGameplay7K's lua to modify scrolling speed. This is only enabled while the song has not yet started.


  • Preview through command line now starts at the correct point.
  • Empty timing should no longer cause a crash.
  • Failing to load a chart will no longer crash preview mode.
  • A static analysis tool has gone through the source code and a few finds have been fixed.
  • rank_pts is now initialized, so the pacemaker starts at 0.