Rails plugin to disable stylesheets during the CSS Naked Day event.
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CSS Naked Day Plugin for Rails

CSS Naked Day is an annual event where websites remove all CSS from their site for one day to promote web standards. More information on this event can be found on the CSS Naked Day homepage.

This plugin makes a Rails application strip off the stylesheets during the CSS Naked Day event. It does this by modifying the stylesheet_link_tag helper to skip including stylesheets into the layout during the event.


Add the css_naked gem to your Rails application. With Rails 3.x, add the following to you Gemfile:

gem 'css_naked'

If you're using Rails 2.x without Bundler, you need to add config.gem 'css_naked' to config/environments.rb instead.

Manual usage

If you manually need to do stuff on CSS Naked Day (e.g. skipping stylesheets you placed without using stylesheet_link_tag or adding a note for visitors why the stylesheets are missing), you can use the css_naked? method:

<%- if css_naked? -%>
  <h3>What happened to the design?</h3>
  <p>To know more about why styles are disabled on this website visit the
  <a href="http://naked.threepixeldrift.com" title="Web Standards Naked Day Host Website">
  Annual CSS Naked Day</a> website for more information.</p>
<%- end -%>

Trying it out

To see, how your site will look like without any styles, you can manually activate the CSS Naked Day mode by overriding the css_naked? in application_helper.rb:

def css_naked?


Andreas Neuhaus - zargony.com