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Rails plugin to automatically fetch and update Rails core translations in a Rails application
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Rails plugin to fetch and update core translations

This Rails plugin adds Rails core translations to your application.

Rails core translations are downloaded from by default.


Add the rails-i18n-updater gem to your Rails application. With Rails 3.x, add the following to you Gemfile:

gem 'rails-i18n-updater'

Use the i18n:update task to initially download core translations:

$ rake i18n:update

If you're using Rails 2.x without Bundler, you need to add config.gem 'rails-i18n-updater' to config/environments.rb. Also, you need to manually include the i18n:update task by adding require 'rails_i18n_updater/tasks' to your application's Rakefile.

If you previously used the rails-i18n-updater plugin, you should remove it after switching to the gem by simply deleting the directory vendor/plugins/rails-i18n-updater in your application.


To update to the latest core translations, use:

$ rake i18n:update

How it works

The plugin provides the rake task i18n:update which uses git to download the latest core translations to vendor/rails-locales. This rake task can be started manually whenever you want to update to the latest core translations.

On application start, the plugin automatically adds downloaded core translations to I18n.load_path. Only locales you used in your applications are added and they're prepended to the load path so you can override the defaults in your own locale files.


  • You need git in your PATH for rake i18n:update to work correctly.
  • Your application must use the simple I18n backend (using .yml or .rb files for locales).


Andreas Neuhaus ::

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