Instantly run an Apache+PHP server in the current directory
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Starts an Apache webserver in the current directory.

Kind of like python -m SimpleHTTPServer or jekyll serve, but for Apache and PHP.

Works with the default Apache installed on your Mac, or with custom Apaches installed via package managers like Homebrew.


cd /usr/local/bin
git clone

/usr/local/bin is on the default $PATH in OS X 10.10 and above, but if you’re on an older version of OS X you might need to manually add it to your $PATH.


cd ~/some/web/directory

The contents of ~/some/web/directory will now be available at http://localhost:8000 (or the first available port above that).

Server logs will be output to the console. Press Ctrl-C to stop the server.

You can specify the port you want to run the server on:

micropache --port 4000
micropache --port 80

Serving on ports below 1024 will require an administrator password.

By default, the server will run as whatever user and group your version of Apache would normally run as (usually _www and _www, respectively). If you want to specify a custom user/group, you can request them by name:

micropache --user www-data --group www-data

Or by ID:

micropache --userid 520 --groupid 20

Or, if you just want the server to run as your current user:

micropache --as-me