A Chrome extension for auto-detecting and subscribing to RSS feeds with Feedbin.
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Subscribe with Feedbin

A Chrome extension for auto-detecting and subscribing to RSS feeds with Feedbin.

How to install this Chrome extension

Download a copy of the subscribe-with-feedbin.crx file, from inside the dist directory. Drag and drop the subscribe-with-feedbin.crx file onto the chrome://extensions window.

How to modify and repackage the extension

Make your changes, then increment the version number, substituting the number after -- with the new version you want to change to:

npm install
npm run version -- 0.1.2

Then, with the new version number in place, build the .crx and .zip packages:

npm run build

You will need an SSL Private Key at key.pm in the repo root directory.

You will probably want to commit that change and create a new git tag to match the version number:

git commit -a
git tag -a v0.1.2
git push --tags

The .crx package can be installed directly into Chrome. The .zip package can be uploaded to your Chrome Web Store Developer Dashboard.

How it works

inject.js is run on every page load, and detects whether there are any application/rss+xml or application/atom+xml links on the page. If it finds any, it notifies background.js, which shows the toolbar icon for that page.

background.js also tries to "improve" the feed metadata provided by inject.js, by loading and parsing each feed to find a more human-readable title. This is done in background.js to avoid polluting the host page's global namespace with the jQuery and async.js libraries. Once background.js has improved the data, it returns it to inject.js, for storage and eventual passage to page_actions.html.

Clicking on the toolbar icon opens up page_actions.html. If a Feedbin.me username and password have already been provided, page_actions.html asks inject.js for the current page's feed details and displays them to the user for subscription. If the user has not yet stored their Feedbin.me username and password, page_actions.html shows a setup form asking for the details.

Clicking a feed in page_actions.html subscribes the user to that feed with Feedbin. It also lets them tag the feed.