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My literate emacs config
Emacs Lisp
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My Emacs config


See configuration in .org format for details.


Previously, I used multi-file emacs config: init.el loads lots of files with corresponding configuration code. For example, setup-clojure.el contains the code which is related to Clojure setup – just code, without using any kind of tools like use-package

But at some point of time I decided to get back to one big init.el: sometimes i quickly add\edit some configuration on-fly and then don’t reboot emacs. Or, more rarely, something breaks after update of packages\emacs itself and I restart emacs daemon. Since load-file is runtime fn for loading emacs lisp code, I don’t get clear location if init.el loading fails: from interpreter perspective it’s all in init.el

Warning (initialization): An error occurred while loading ‘/home/zarkone/.emacs.d/init.el’:

Symbol's value as variable is void: aslkj11!

Another problem is that it’s hard to remember why some config code was added long time ago. I hope that literate programming approach will force me to comment all the changes.

And another reason why I decided to port my config to org is that I think it’s a good chance to remove old garbage and adopt new, better solutions and approaches.

See for actual configuration description


Thanks – very nice-organized emacs config, used as a skeleton.

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