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Modding tools for Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Persona 4 Arena, etc.
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Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Mod Tools

What's Included

bddata\  - bddata.bin extraction tools
p4u2mod\ - custom game update creation tool
patch\   - patch files for use with rpcs3


  • P4U and P4U2 - Internal codenames for "Persona 4 Arena" and "Persona 4 Arena Ultimax".
  • BLJM61209 - The Japanese version of P4U2.
  • BLUS31469 - The North American version of P4U2.
  • bddata.bin - File containing most of the game data files, can be found on disc.
  • UpdateFileList.bin - File containing data regarding changed game files for game updates.

General Notes

  • These tools were tested on BLUS31469 and BLJM61209, but might work with other versions of P4U2, P4U or other games that support the bddata.bin or UpdateFileList.bin format.
  • BLUS31469 and BLJM61209 are save compatible.
  • BLUS31469 patch 1.01 == BLJM61209 patch 1.03.

Modding the Game

Extracting Game Data

Game data can be found in:

(1) dev_hdd0\game\<title_id>\USRDIR\update\ver_*\data\*
(2) dev_hdd0\disc\<title_id>\PS3_GAME\USRDIR\data\*
(3) dev_hdd0\disc\<title_id>\PS3_GAME\USRDIR\bddata.bin

While (1) and (2) contain raw data files, (3) is a container file that needs to be unpacked to access files stored within.

Unpacking Game Data

  1. Extract and inflate *.segs from bddata.bin using asmodean's exsegs.exe utility:

    cd extract\
    exsegs.exe bddata.bin
  2. Extract the hardcoded table of contents from the original, unpatched disc version of the decrypted eboot file:

    cd extract\
    eboot-extract-toc.ps1 boot.elf bddata-toc-full.txt
  3. Remove file entries for files containing _appendidlist in their names (this was discovered using trial and error):

    gc bddata-toc-full.txt | ? { $_ -notmatch "_appendidlist" } > bddata-toc.txt
  4. Rename the extracted file according to the table of contents:

    cd extract\
    bddata-organize-toc.ps1 bddata-toc.txt

Custom Game Updates

The game uses an UpdateFileList.bin file to manage versioning and to indicate which files have been updated.

Note that the file table is hardcoded in the eboot, so adding files isn't possible without eboot editing or patching, but replacing files is possible.

The format of UpdateFileList.bin is described in the template file, compatible with 010 Editor.

The p4u2mod.exe tool can generate a custom UpdateFileList.bin for user generated patches to the game.

Creating an Update

  1. Simply put your modified files under a new version folder in the game's update folder, for example: dev_hdd0\game\<title_id>\USRDIR\update\ver_0104_undub.

    • Make sure that your folder appears last in the folder list when sorted by name, otherwise files in previous updates might override your new files.
    • Make sure to keep the same directory structure as in the original extracted bddata.bin.
  2. Increment the VERSION variable in the file.

  3. Put the p4u2mod.exe tool in the game's update folder and run it - it should generate a new UpdateFileList.bin that contains your modifications.

EBOOT Patching

You can also use rpcs3's built in patching system to patch the eboot file.

Put the appropriate patch.yml file under <rpcs3_dir>\data\<title_id>\.

Example - BLUS31469 Undub

  1. Extract bddata.bin from BLJM61209 using instructions specified above.

  2. Create an ver_0104_undub folder under <rpcs3_vfs>\dev_hdd0\game\BLUS31469\USRDIR\update\.

  3. Copy the extracted Japanese voice files like so:

    copy-item `
        <extract_dir>\data\story\voice\ `
        <rpcs3_vfs>\dev_hdd0\disc\PS3_GAME\USRDIR\data\update\ver_0104_undub\data\story\voice_eng\ `
        -force -recurse
    copy-item `
        <extract_dir>\data\sound\voice\ `
        <rpcs3_vfs>\dev_hdd0\disc\PS3_GAME\USRDIR\data\update\ver_0104_undub\data\sound\voice_eng\ `
        -force -recurse
  4. Look for updated voice files under the BLJM61209 update folder <rpcs3_vfs>\dev_hdd0\game\BLUS61209\USRDIR\update\. Copy them as needed, overwriting old files.

  5. Backup UpdateFileList.bin and under <rpcs3_vfs>\dev_hdd0\game\BLUS31469\USRDIR\update\.

  6. Increment the version number in using a text editor.

  7. Copy p4u2mod.exe to <rpcs3_vfs>\dev_hdd0\game\BLUS31469\USRDIR\update\ and run the program. This should generate a new UpdateFileList.bin file containing your changes.

  8. Use the provided patch.yml file to enable Japanese cutscenes and movies.

  9. Launch the game.

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