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Persona 3/4/5 Dancing Patches (PS Vita)
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Persona 3/4/5 Dancing Patches (PS Vita)

Included patches:

  • Auto Play - Auto "Perfect" rating on all notes.
  • Intro Skip - Skips the boot logos and intro movie.
  • Mod Support - Enables file replacement via a mod.cpk file.

Supported versions:

  • PCSE00764 01.01 (P4D US) - Auto Play, Intro Skip.
  • PCSE01274 01.00 (P3D US) - Auto Play, Intro Skip, Mod Support.
  • PCSE01275 01.00 (P5D US) - Auto Play, Intro Skip, Mod Support.


  1. Using your preferred method, dump a copy of PxD's eboot in ELF format. For example, using FAGDec, decrypt the eboot to SELF. You should end up with a decrypted eboot.bin file. Use vita-unmake-fself to extract eboot.elf.
  2. Apply patches to eboot.elf using either:
  3. Using your preferred method, convert the patched eboot back to SELF format. For example, using vita-elf-inject you can inject the patched ELF into the original decrypted eboot.bin (make sure to keep a backup of the original decrypted SELF for future patching).
  4. Finally, place the patched eboot.bin in ux0:/rePatch/<title_id>/.

Using RPCS3PatchEboot

RPCS3PatchEboot eboot.elf ./patch/<title_id>.yml eboot.elf-out -FilterByName <patch1> <patch2> <...>

For example, to apply the p5d_ModSupport patch to PCSE01275 (P5D US):

RPCS3PatchEboot eboot.elf ./patch/PCSE01275.yml eboot.elf-out -FilterByName p5d_ModSupport

Using heeboot

heeboot eboot.elf ./patch/<title_id>.yml eboot.elf-out -n <patch1> <patch2> <...>

For example, to apply p5d_AutoPlay and p5d_ModSupport to PCSE01275 (P5D US):

heeboot eboot.elf ./patch/PCSE01275.yml eboot.elf-out -n p5d_AutoPlay p5d_ModSupport

Using xdelta

If necessary, merge the patches you want to apply:

xdelta3 merge -fvn -m <patch1> -m <patch2> -m <...> <patchN> _patch.xdelta

Then apply the merged patch:

xdelta3 -fvn -d -s eboot.elf _patch.xdelta eboot.elf-out

For example, to apply the auto-play, intro-skip and mod-support patches to PCSE01275 (P5D US):

xdelta3 merge -fvn `
   -m ./patch/PCSE01275_eboot.elf_auto-play.xdelta `
   -m ./patch/PCSE01275_eboot.elf_intro-skip.xdelta `
   ./patch/PCSE01275_eboot.elf_mod-support.xdelta `
xdelta3 -fvn -d -s eboot.elf _patch.xdelta eboot.elf-out

Building mod.cpk

Use the Amicitia Mod Compendium to pack mods into a mod.cpk file, then place it under PxD's data dir (ux0:/rePatch/<title_id>/data/).

An example mod is supplied with this patch.


The provided example mod serves as a test to see if mod support is enabled.

After performing the required steps, launch the game and check the boot logos and title screen to see if they match the image below.


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