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A cheat table for Persona Q2, for use while playing on Citra.
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Persona Q2 Cheat Table

A cheat table for Persona Q2, a game developed by Atlus, for use while playing on Citra.


WARNING: Generally untested, use at your own discretion, don't blame me for borked saves, etc.

NOTE: The table is mostly dynamically generated, due to some limitations opening certain group records for the first time can take a while.


  • Latest Cheat Engine release.
  • Latest Citra release - This table only works with mingw Citra builds, and was only tested under the nightly releases.
  • Persona Q2 - This table has been tested with:
    • CTR-U-AQ2J, update 1.2, all DLC


  1. Download and install Cheat Engine (or use the portable version).
  2. Clone or download this repository.


  1. Open Citra and launch Persona Q2.
  2. Open Cheat Engine and attach it to the Citra process.
  3. Load the citra-pq2.CT table. If prompted, allow the main table script to run.
  4. Enable the table via the [ENABLE] script at the top.

Table Contents

Most stuff should be self-explanatory; however, some notes may be required:

Passive Effects

The Passive Effect is the currently active item effect when roaming the labyrinth. For example, to avoid all random enemy encouters, set the passive effect to 4796 and freeze Passive Effect Steps to 50 or some other non-zero value.

Play Time

Play Time, t, is measured using the following relationship: t = 30 * 60 * (60 * h + m), where h and m are the number of hours and minutes played respectively.

Party Gauge

The Party Gauge appears to the right during each battle and is used for invoking Leader Skills. The maximum meter level is 5 and each level is composed of 100 ticks, so 500 ticks will max out the meter.

User Input Strings

Names and other user input strings in the game are encoded in SHIFT-JIS (each character is 2 bytes) and are all \0 terminated. However, ASCII (where each character is 1 byte) is a subset of SHIFT-JIS, and is fully supported by the game.

To edit a string, e.g. the P4 Hero name, use the following process:

  1. Highlight a name record and press Ctrl+B to browse the memory at that address.
  2. Zero out the bytes from that point up to the closest 00 byte.
  3. Then, use the table to edit the name to the desired ASCII string.
  4. Do this for both the first and last name.
  5. Save and load the game.

Other strings can be edited in a similar fashion. You can also edit the string using just the memory viewer, in which case you could also use SHIFT-JIS encoding.


You can use the Compendium Unlocker tool to unlock various personas in the compendium. Pressing the UNLOCK ALL button will only unlock personas you haven't unlocked yet and will not overwrite your saved personas. Pressing the LOCK ALL button will erase the entire compendium, including any personas you've already unlocked.

Use the records under the Compendium header to edit individual persona stats.


Setting the value of records under this header to FF FF will reveal all enemy stats in the Enepedia.

Inventory and Item Store

The items within the Item Inventory can only be edited via the table - adding and removing items is not supported. To add an item, buy a cheap item and edit it via the table, or create the item in the Item Store and retrieve it from there.

Battle Stats

Battle Stats allow you to edit character and enemy stats while in battle. Note that these stats are dynamic and are only allocated by the game while in battle.

It's recommended not to freeze any of the values under these records.

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