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Small library that helps with Android form validations

Library was written in scope of post: Android form validation - the right way

Chuck Noris is always valid

Available validations

  • NotEmpty - checks if field is not blank
  • IsEmail - checks if field is valid email
  • IsPositiveInteger - checks if fiels value is integer and if value > 0
  • InRange - checks if field value is integer and is in range min < value < max
  • HasMinimumLength - checks if field value lenght is value.lenght >= min

You can easily create your own validations, just implement interface

Sample usage

Include into your project. If you're using gradle simply copy z-validations-library folder into your project and update your build.gradle dependencies list

    dependencies {
        compile project(':z-validations-library')

Create validation form and add some validations

    Form mForm = new Form(mActivity);
    mForm.addField(Field.using(mAgeEditText).validate(, 0, 120)));

Check if form is valid

    private void submit() {
        if (mForm.isValid()) {
            Toast.makeText(this, "Form is valid", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();

Since v.0.2 you can change how validation errors are displayed. Library includes error renderers using TextView errors (used by default) and Toasts. You can create your own by implementing interface

    mForm.setValidationFailedRenderer(new TextViewValidationFailedRenderer(mContext));

Checkout sample project for full usage example or install it from Google Play


Current version: 0.2


  • Added HasMinimumLength validation (thanks TheoTzaferis for pull request)



  • Initial release