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Example files for running a daily "batch" job to ship local files to a Google Team Drive via the Google API PHP Client Library.
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Example files for running a daily "batch" job to ship local files to a Google Team Drive via the Google API PHP Client Library.

With some additions (credentials and setting variables), this is production-ready code.


Operating Environment:

The Execution:

  • batchShipFilesToTeamDrive.php
    • Will identify all of the previous day's images (by file name) and upload them to the identified Team Drive.
  • crontab
    • No crontab example is provided, but ideally would be used.

A Real Use Case/Some History

This script was quickly spun up and used in a production environment to ship captured still images from an Internet-connected webcam to a Google Team Drive for sharing with the appropriate audience. See the capture-webcam-image repository for information on the file sourcing mechanism. The batchShipFilesToTeamDrive.php script was automatically triggered daily (overnight) via cron.

This process has been used on several projects, but has not typically been used in a single production setting for more than 60 concurrent days. As such, several nice-to-have features don't exist (local files are deleted manually at the completion of the project/run, for example) and there is very minimal error handling with the process (all error handling is managed outside of this script).


The first version of this script was using filesystem create/modified timestamps to determine "yesterday's" files. This is a superior method to identify when any of the given files were actually generated; however the plan was scrapped due to the environment(s) across which the files needed to travel (timestamps were not as reliable as the file date/time in each file name as the cradle-to-grave transport crossed multiple machines/services).

Future Work

As there is zero error handling with the data transport (i.e. handling if/when a Google API error occurs), it would be strongly encouraged to bolt in some error handling if this were to be run on a more frequent schedule than once or twice per day...or if run in a long-term setting (more than 30-60 days).

There is currently not a mechanism to remove the local files successfully transported to Team Drive. With proper error handling (see above), adding a quick call to remove the local files would be in order.

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