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ZaTech Freelancing

A list of people who are freelancing in South Africa, primary focus being on development, but open to any tech related roles.

To add yourself, clone the repository, and run, it will prompt you for the required information; Full Name, Website, Skill Set, Github Handle, and filename for the /people directory. Once it is complete, it will have created your entry in the as well as copied the template for you into /people. Open it up, amend the information, commit the files, and submit the PR as guided by the below listed document.

Contributions are very welcome! Please submit a pull request on GitHub.

Click through each individual profile for more details.


Name Website Skill Set GitHub
Allan Swanepoel AWS, Devopsy stuff, Web, Python development GitHub
Ewald Horn Android Native, Flutter, Dart, Kotlin, OpenGL ES, PWA, AngularDart GitHub
John Roux Web Dev, PHP, Laravel, AWS, DevOpsy stuff GitHub
Zayin Krige Native iOS, Native Android, React Native, NodeJS GitHub
Rudolph Koegelenberg .NET / ServiceStack, Node.js, PHP, Wordpress, Angular, Vue.js, Web Development, Umbraco GitHub