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from functools import partial
from typing import Callable, TypeVar, Type, Dict, Any
import cattr
from celery import shared_task, Task
from kombu import Exchange
Message = TypeVar('Message')
class Event:
owner: Type[Message] = None
def __init__(self, exchange: Exchange, routing_key: str):
""" Create the tasks at initialization time. """ = exchange
self.routing_key = routing_key
self.__callbacks: Dict[str, Callable[[Message], None]] = {}
self.task = self._get_task({
'exchange': exchange,
'routing_key': routing_key,
'name': routing_key,
def __get__(self, instance: Message, owner: Type[Message]):
Set up the owner or initialize the task.
Unfortunately the instance knows about its owner only
from when the __get__ is called first.
if owner is not None:
self.owner = owner
elif instance:
self.owner = instance.__class__
if instance:
# returns a partial that can be called whenever you want.
return partial(
return self
def _get_task(self, options: dict) -> Task:
This creates and returns a shared task.
def closure(*args, instance: Message, **kwargs) -> Dict[str, Any]:
This is the actual task, we need a closure so that
``self`` does not get serialized.
The idea itself is that the ``self`` object that consume the task
is not the same.
if self.owner:
instance = cattr.structure(instance, self.owner)
data = {}
for name, callback in self.__callbacks.items():
data[name] = callback(instance, *args, **kwargs)
return data
raise AttributeError(
f'No owner registered! '
f'Probably no callback was registered for '
task = shared_task(**options)(closure)
return task
def register_callback(self, callback: Callable[[Message], Any]):
""" This method allow to register a callback. """
self.__callbacks[callback.__name__] = callback
return callback
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