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Version 1.0.4

  • action to toggle #include <> into #include "" and vise versa
  • improve Open header/implementation action
  • improve support for local #includes (i.e. withing quotes)
  • and as usual some code refactorings

Version 1.0.3

  • improve #include helper to support local (i.e. in quotes) headers
  • introduce preprocessor directives completions after '#' pressed at line start. Also it will substitute directive if user continue to type characters and there is no ambiguity -- yep, like it was before this release if user types '#in'.
  • ATTENTION C++14 used since this version! So, you'd better to have GCC >= 4.9 or Clang >= 3.5

Version 1.0.2

  • add import/export completions sanitizer rules
  • provide sample, but quite useful, sanitizer rules
  • keep current include set selected after store it
  • add action to step back after lookup declaration/definition
  • set default shortcuts for all lookup action same as ctags plugin has.
  • eliminate compile error w/ gcc 4.9. fix issue #18
  • few cleanups in UI
  • a bunch of improvements in build system (not interested to end-users ;-)

Version 1.0.1

  • use KDE palette to colorize diagnostic messages and #include explorer
  • add Go to Declaration/Definition to context menu
  • refactorings to control actions via ui.rc file
  • few refactorings planned after 1.0.0 release

Version 1.0.0

  • introduce source code indexer and full featured search facility. It allows to form various queries to the indexed collection and do flexible search. For example, to find all non templated public members-functions of some class, one may type:

      scope:some access:public kind:method NOT template:y
  • extract doxygen comments for completion items and show it as a tip, when Alt modifier pressed

  • use KTextEditor::TemplateInterface2 when substitute completion item into a document

  • improve completion for unsaved files

  • A LOT of refactorings to improve stability/maintainability

  • allow to move tabs in a tool view, save/restore tool view layout

Version 0.9.6

  • fix for typo in completion results layout introduced in 0.9.5
  • few internal refactorngs to simplify code (before next big feature ;-)

Version 0.9.5

  • add (a little) option to control completions list layout
  • translation unit and completion flags are reviewed (benchmarks still needed)
  • fix LLVM/Clang detection for Debian
  • add target to produce a .deb package (make make kate-cpp-helper-plugin-deb-package)
  • close issue #10: no package w/ required headers in recent Debian/Ubuntu

Version 0.9.4

  • close issue #8

Version 0.9.3

  • close issue #6: allow RPATH for LLVM directory. Possible this is gentoo specific issue, so further investigation needed for other distros... (feedback welcome).
  • move proprocessor macros into a separate completion group.
  • get rid of hardcoded completion item sanitizers -- now they can be configured via plugin settings dialog.
  • configuration pages refactored, the new one has been introduced: Clang Completion Settings.
  • a bunch of other internal refactorings.

Version 0.9.2

  • fix (avoid actually) pure virtual function crash with clang 3.3 on attempts to get a source code location for Note diagnostic messages.
  • diagnostic messages tab in the tool view was transformed into a (clickable) list view

Version 0.9.1

  • add a quick search (filter) to the #include explorer
  • fixed build w/ gcc 4.6.x (patch from Alexander Mezin)

Version 0.9

  • add a list of file extesnsions to be ignored by #include autocompleter (per session)
  • fix regression with header file presence checker

Version 0.8.8

  • copy #include to clipboard improved (and recent bug has fixed)
  • disable C++ specific actions for non C++ documents
  • tree builder refactored in #include explorer, now everything is Ok w/ tree structure

Version 0.8.7

  • tooltips over highlighted #include lines displaying a reason
  • there is no ambiguity if user types #in -- it can be only #include directive (#include_next is a really rare case, and I wrote it about 5 times in my life), so automatic completer added for this case.
  • speedup getting code completions
  • enable automatic completions popup when member accessed
  • #include explorer has been added. It can hihglight "redundand" headers included in a translation unit.

Version 0.8.6

  • insert kate templates when execute completion item, so user may see and edit parameters required for a function call.

Version 0.8.5

  • add completion items highlighting
  • add completion items sanitizer: some complex template types can be replaced with shorter equivalent. For example std::basic_string<char> to std::string. This feature help to reduce width of completion popup for STL types. Also some boost types (boost::variant and MPL sequences) are supported.
  • completers registration refactored and bug with absent completers for C++ code from file templates is gone finally

Version 0.8

  • added session #include sets. Now it is possible to save session's #inclue paths and reuse in other sessions, so configuring sessions will takes less time. Also one perdefined set shipped: Qt4 -- based on #include paths detected when this plugin get compiled.
  • added UI to ask g++ or clang++ compiler (if found in PATH) about predefined #include paths, and append them to System Paths tab.
  • other UI cleaned up a little as well
  • display optional parameters in completions list

Version 0.7.1

  • added cmake script to detect clang C API
  • fix cmake configuration for unit tests building: check if -DBUILD_TESTING present
  • fix a bug when parse incorrect #include directive

Version 0.6-0.7

  • add clang based code completion
  • rename this plugin from Kate Include Helper to Kate C++ Helper (cuz it became smth bigger, than just #include helper :-)

Version 0.5

  • add an action to switch between header and implementation file, just like an official Open Header plugin but smarter ;-) See details above.

Version 0.4.5

  • fix nasty bug w/ path remove from config dialog

Version 0.4.4

  • if file going to open is inaccessible for writing, open it in RO mode, so implicit modifications (like TAB to space conversions or trailing spaces removal) wouldn't annoy on close

Version 0.4.3

  • make directory monitoring optional and configured via plugin's Other Settings configuration page

Version 0.4.2

  • watch configured directories for changes and update #include files status
  • add support to create source tarball

Version 0.4.1

  • open dialog w/ currently #included files, if unable to open a file under cursor or cursor not on a word at all
  • remove duplicates from completion list: for out of source builds and if both, source and binary dirs are in the search list, it led to duplicates

Version 0.4

  • fixed a bug w/ reading a global config after the plugin gets enabled
  • a bunch of refactorings since 0.3

Version 0.3

  • check if #included files are really available in configured paths. If some doesn't, then mark such lines w/ an error background. In case of multiple matches, mark it w/ a warning backgorund color.
  • configuration dialog extended w/ new options

Version 0.2

  • push #include directive w/ current file name into the clipboard, so it would be easy to switch to another document and just paste the whole #include line...
  • finally it has auto-completer for path and file name for strings w/ #include on a line! Yeah, now it's really easy to type and find a required header...

Version 0.1

  • open header files using F10 key