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My set of C++ oriented plugins for Kate+Pâté
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What is this?

All that u c here is mine set of plugins for Pâté. Latter is a plugin for KDE's Kate editor which allows to write plugins using Python.

Most of this plugins I wrote to help myself writing a C++ code and found them quite usable. After feedback from my friends (C++ coders too :) I've decided to share them. Anyway if u'd like to make some improvements your changes r welcome... just please share it :)

Also I'm not a Python guru yet, so any performance or other optimizations r welcome too :) I've just found that writing plugins for Kate is easy enough using Python, so I'm just having fun... :)

U may found a brief plugins description in concrete .py file.

In a expand\ subdir mine set of plugins for Pâté's example plugin called expand :) Latter is quite similar to standard snippets shipped with Kate, but thanx to Python is could be much more powerful... So I prefer to use Pâté's expand (Ctrl-E) instead.


Of cause u need a Pâté package installed before. Gentoo users may find it in a kde-testing overlay. Owners of other distros (I'm in doubt that corresponding packages exists) may download it from

How to install

To install Pâté plugins just copy/link all files from this repository to ~/.kde4/share/apps/kate/pate and enable the Pâté plugin in Kate settings.

Alternative way: just clone this repository into the path above :)

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