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What is this?

Here is a set of my hooks (plugins) for paludis I wrote and use few years already.

Briefly this package consists of:

  • Autopatch hook -- an easy way to apply patches (here is my set of patches)
  • Filesystem Manager hook -- a better way to avoid installation of some files than INSTALL_MASK + some other interesting usage practices w/o direct analogues in the portage
  • A smart way to build packages in a RAM disk with workdir-tmpfs hook
  • A bunch of helper functions usable in a daily work w/ paludis
  • A hook to organize compiler/linker options into various sets and apply to packages

Configuration details


The only one option in /etc/paludis/hooks/configs/auto-patch.conf is location of patches tree (default: /var/paludis/autopatches). .patch files should be placed under this directory with such hierarchy:

├── hook_name1
│   └── cate-gory
│       └── package_name
│           └── fix_some_crap.patch
├── hook_name2
│   ├── cate-gory
│   │   └── package-ver
│   │       └── version-specific.patch
│   ├── cate-gory
│   │   └── package-ver_r1
│   │       └── some-cve-hotfix.patch
│   └── cate-gory
│       └── any_spec:SLOT
│           └── slot-specific.patch

and so on.

Supported hooks for autopatch are: ebuild_install_pre, install_all_post, ebuild_configure_post, ebuild_compile_post, ebuild_configure_pre, ebuild_compile_pre, ebuild_unpack_post.

This hook is also controlled by this variables in paludis' bashrc:

  • PALUDIS_AUTOPATCH_HOOK_DO_NOTHING="yes" disables all actions of this hook.
  • PALUDIS_AUTOPATCH_HOOK_NO_WARNING="yes" mutes annoying warnings about altered packages.

Filesystem Manager

/etc/paludis/hooks/configs/filesystem-manager.conf is a set of rules in XML which format is explained by the comments in it or in more details here.

This hook is also controlled by this variables in paludis' bashrc:

  • PALUDIS_HOOK_DEBUG="yes" dumps enviroment variables to file /tmp/paludis-fsm-hook-env.log.
  • PALUDIS_FILESYSTEM_HOOK_DO_NOTHING="yes" disables all actions of this hook.
  • PALUDIS_FILESYSTEM_HOOK_NO_WARNING="yes" mutes annoying warnings about altered packages.


For using this hook add to paludis bashrc line:

[ -e /usr/libexec/paludis-hooks/setup_pkg_env.bash ] && source /usr/libexec/paludis-hooks/setup_pkg_env.bash

and to /etc/paludis/package_env.conf:

category/some_package some_env another_env ...

So, at build time of category/some_package, all lines from the mentioned env files (/etc/paludis/env.conf.d/some_env.conf and /etc/paludis/env.conf.d/another_env.conf) will be sourced at init ebuild phase. Hence, changing compiler/linker flags or setting another compiler would affect the build process only for given package.


Most important parameter in /etc/paludis/hooks/configs/workdir-tmpfs.conf is IN_MEMORY_BUILD_ENABLED.


  • Add more commands! Like *zip smth...
  • Add ability to find target objects (files, dirs, whatever) by introducing smth like find item and iterate over results applying some other actions (ln, rm, & etc...). For example dev-python/PyQt5 have a lot of useless README files in every examples/* directory
  • Implement FSM commands as real plugins... need to think about how to update (merge) DTD then.
  • Predefine some useful entities? Like &docdir; for /usr/share/doc
  • Add option to ignore SLOT when build certain packages w/ wokrdir-tmpfs hook -- i.e. when it is known apriory that required size doesn't change much (like gentoo-sources)
  • Add element to inject USE=doc for packages where it is not defined, so it'll be possible to continue processing and avoid rules duplication in FMS hook. (alsmost done)
  • Add some command to get last entries for ebuild Changelog
  • Add debug attribute to command(s) to show pwd and contents of a directory before apply some action
  • Add sync post hook to update a repo with auto patches
  • Make it possible to remove by Ant-like wildcard **/some (hint: bash has shopt globstar)
  • Case insensitive glob expressions match, so announce*, ANNOUNCE* and Announce* can be replaced with only one rule


Version 1.2

  • Add a runtime option to filesystem management hook to suppress a warning
  • Rename reverse attribute of Filesystem Manager config to negate
  • Better docs and a bunch of fixes (thanks to Kapshuna Alexander, @kapsh)
  • Fix for issue #11
  • A bunch of improvements in environment manager: now it is possible to use functions from flag-o-matic.eclss to manage compiler/linker options
  • Add pretend-use attribute to package element of Filesystem Manager hoost config
  • Introduce mv element in Filesystem Manager hoost config

Version 1.1

  • Few improvements to auto-patch (thanks to Julian Ospald)
  • Remove autoconf cache hook.. that was a bad idea! ;-)

Version 1.0

  • add a hook to clean a "shared" autotools' config.cache before build (see rationale and the hook description of a project's homepage)
  • add a hook to make it possble to build packages (smoothly) in a RAM (disk)
  • little refactorings in some other hooks

Version 0.9

  • add a if command and the only, nowadays, expression type to check presence of some USE
  • add config-cache-clear hook to remove some harmful cached values from a config.cache shared among packages

Version 0.8

  • add a boolean attribute reverse (w/ values true or false (default)) to allow removal of everything except selected targets.

Version 0.7

  • package nodes now matched according full featured package specification.
  • also package matching was reimplemented, so now it is possible to combine actions for different (partial) specs

Version 0.6

  • add remove command, so one may remove some files/directories from an image. If there is no more files after removal, empty directory will be removed as well to avoid warnings from cave
  • validate configuration file against DTD

Version 0.5

  • initial commit to github


Paludis-hooks is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

Paludis-hooks is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program. If not, see http://www.gnu.org/licenses/.