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v0.1.2-alpha / 2011-09-16
Besides some major changes under the hood (mostly regarding graph evaluation), this release introduces lots of nodes for canvas 2d drawing.
From this version on, VVVV.js is only tested with VVVV versions >= beta26.
* Vector (2d Join)
* Vector (3d Join)
* Vector (4d Join)
* Vector (2d Split)
* Vector (3d Split)
* Vector (4d Split)
* Fill (Canvas VVVVjs RenderState)
* Stroke (Canvas VVVVjs RenderState)
* LinearGradient (Canvas VVVVjs RenderState)
* Shadow (Canvas VVVVjs RenderState)
* Blend (Canvas VVVVjs RenderState)
* Group (Canvas VVVVjs)
* Quad (Canvas VVVVjs)
* Text (Canvas VVVVjs)
* FileStream (HTML5 VVVVjs)
* FileTexture (HTML5 VVVVjs)
* AudioOut (HTML5 VVVVjs)
* Abs (Complex)
* I (Spreads)
* CircularSpread (Spreads)
* Toggle (Animation)
* Add (Value Spectral)
* Counter (Animation)
* FrameDelay (Animation)
* EQ (Value) has Epsilon pin
* +, -, * (Value) have dynamic input pin count
* Arc (Canvas VVVVjs) and BezierCurve (Canvas VVVVjs) use RenderState nodes for styling
* LinearSpread (Spreads): fixed bug where node crashed on phase!=0
Core Changes
* "Descriptive Name" and "Rows" pin are now invisible (doesn't show up in VVVViewer)
* only nodes with changed pins or nodes with auto_evaluate-flag is set to true are evaluated. this makes a lot of pinIsChanged() checks obsolete.
* Graph evaluation now works bottom up, instead of top down
* Graph evaluation now support frame-delayed nodes
* improved/simplified patch loading
* examples added
* Systemname and nodename XML attributes are now case-insensitive, to keep compatible with VVVV 45beta26
* DOM input connectors now respond to input slice count changes
* added Ctrl+Alt+F Shortcut to log frame rate
Node Interface Changes
* Pin.setSliceCount() function added
* Pin.isConnected() function added
* Node.auto_evaluate flag added
* Node.delays_output flag added, to flag nodes with frame-delayed output pins (e.g. FrameDelay)
v0.1.1-alpha / 2011-07-21
* first alpha release
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