Tool to facilitate sprites/grahics manipulation/creation for retro-programming on several systems.
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Tool to facilitate sprites/graphics manipulation and creation for retro-progarmming on several systems (MSX & NeoGeo now!).

Tool should be "runnable" under python in any system supporting "tkinter" library (Win/Linux/MacOS)

(Español mas abajo, Français plus bas)


How to:

You have 2 options to work with sprites:

  • Create new project (select number of sprites in preferences firs)

  • Open a "sprite sheet" (image with the sprties in it)

    • Click on the color on the image that will be used as background color (or will be 0 in sprites)
    • The tool will try to match the colors with the MSX palette or adapt the palette if no close match is found
    • It will also try to find automatically the OR color for a sprite row with 3 colours
  • System selection does not work yet (first I want to make sure al functioanlities are ok!)

  • Edit sprites:

    • Open sprite editor window
    • Select color on palette
    • Right click on a "boxel" in order to color it (select color 0 to clear boxel)
    • Use arrow keys on the keyboard to move spritesheet around (for finer placement of original image)
  • Animate Sprites:

    • For the moment you need to edit the config file:
    • animCols = 1 # Number of columns for the sprite animation
    • animRows = 2 # Number of rows for the sprite animation (this will create characters of Cols*Rows for sprite animations)
    • animArray = (3,4,3) # "character" list to show in animation [If you input from an image, it is 0 for the first row first col, then 2 for first row second col and so on...]
    • Use right/left arrows in keyboard to cycle through characters
  • Save projects / load projects allows you to save a complete project and load it again (without loading any image) - changes made to te sprites should also be saved.

  • Preferences : Very basic for the moment, check.

  • Export asm : Will create an .asm file that will contain (for the moment):

    • The list of sprites (2 sprites for a character will be created with the ored pixels setted on both)
    • The colors for each sprite row
    • The colors for the palette

    Yo will be able then to import the .asm into your code for usage.

    Happy sprite editing!!


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