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Commits on Jun 10, 2011
  1. Merge remote-tracking branch 'staging/master'

    Patrick Bozeman authored
Commits on Jun 7, 2011
  1. avoid starving the HM event loop so HM can login to NATS

    Vadim Spivak authored
    Change-Id: I523595c9b024bec567e7d229fdadad8cf1ee622f
  2. @kushmerick

    Topic: merge - enable rabbitmq service by default (rebasing)

    kushmerick authored
    Change-Id: Ie1c7f5088c3522681fd9b750d4235bd9eaa4b976
  3. Merge "Topic: merge - needed for services-r2: bin/services/backup_man…

    Merge Bot authored Gerrit Code Review committed
    …ager -> services/backup/manager/bin/backup_manager"
  4. @kushmerick

    Topic: merge - needed for services-r2: bin/services/backup_manager ->…

    kushmerick authored
    … services/backup/manager/bin/backup_manager
    Change-Id: Ide459b8fd80cdd4092d7b434cb0155398ddabc92
Commits on Jun 6, 2011
  1. change install url to avoid git redirect response

    Mark Lucovsky authored
    Change-Id: I4cd558ad5e67ea5a0c4da0354eaf5f871b4fe976
Commits on Jun 1, 2011
  1. Merge remote-tracking branch 'staging/master'

    Patrick Bozeman authored
  2. @admgre

    Added myself to the AUTHORS file

    admgre authored Patrick Bozeman committed
    Change-Id: I73b8ec895a9547023bd4963930ea6b6dd86e6224
  3. @admgre

    Improved the user controller rspec examples I added

    admgre authored Patrick Bozeman committed
    Change-Id: I0fadc9ebce364c041579e31005eba7d0578b4f82
  4. @admgre

    Added a users#list method with tests to allow admins to get a list of…

    admgre authored Patrick Bozeman committed
    … all users on the system and their apps. Added some code to application controller to log system exceptions that occur in cloud_controller. Added tests for users#delete to ensure appropriate access controls are in place.
    Change-Id: I4c1ae68c7588efa1d1f9e44874e4c46a4e54974f
  5. @admgre

    More granular dea ulimit policy

    admgre authored Patrick Bozeman committed
    Added a configuration variable for dea to be able to control
    ulimit enforcement separately from secure mode. This way even if
    you don't want to run in full secure (multi-user) mode you can still
    make a basic attempt to enforce application limits.
    (from cloudfoundry-attic#63 with edits made
    while pulling the change per review comments)
    Change-Id: Ifc1cfdf4fea8ac17e3cdb64324eca359daf3c3fe
  6. Add Lift support for legacy API clients

    AB Srinivasan authored
    Change-Id: Id20b7c386b3ea595f8d5d42f075f1955d717274d
Commits on May 27, 2011
  1. remove deprecated option

    Vadim Spivak authored
    Change-Id: Id7ab11ad9d8205f68f34257d436edf75477aa50f
  2. HM now tracks NATS latency

    Vadim Spivak authored
    Change-Id: Ib61475b4c9d1874fbaa6748433e6eb109575bb64
  3. HM now tracks stats per framework/runtime

    Vadim Spivak authored
    add index to make framework/runtime more efficient
    Change-Id: I1ec39f5ab015a7a0c0d70348ca0ba1e8fbeb9975
  4. CC will now send the framework to the DEA

    Vadim Spivak authored
    DEA will now send framework and runtime tags to the Router
    DEA now tracks stats per framework and runtime
    Change-Id: Ie96be29f96530102e6df545fd430f2435e7afcb1
  5. CC sends a component tag to the router

    Vadim Spivak authored
    Change-Id: Iafb27517d52d06c45045d7ea66c0a96e5479f75f
  6. add tags to the router for stats

    Vadim Spivak authored
    add new connection stats (latency and response code ranges)
    Change-Id: I0ecf12c38e0ecc7bc245e9b8d7b55b207963091f
  7. add rolling metric

    Vadim Spivak authored
    Change-Id: Ifef3228ca90f183e40da6204b13c91cc4f5cd50a
  8. fix on_message_complete handler and make sure it's called when the cl…

    Vadim Spivak authored
    …ient terminates the connection
    Change-Id: I897a11cc09c1aae9848d1b1f6ad79ca536516a3b
  9. HM should exit when any NATS error happens

    Vadim Spivak authored
    Change-Id: Ic28f435e73299571c34613ddb846dedc9d6f13f1
  10. Refactor dea unit tests.

    mpage authored
    Change-Id: Ibebee503cd2e15471967f290a238be7a4dd946c1
Commits on May 25, 2011
  1. Lift support

    AB Srinivasan authored
    Topic: merge
    Change-Id: I00d1bd02a67e4bd3fbd0a109cef542b664cd7c11
  2. Point submodules to the main repo, not the staging repo

    Patrick Bozeman authored
Commits on May 23, 2011
  1. Add pid files to gitignore

    Michael Latta authored Patrick Bozeman committed
    Change-Id: I743cf2b7ce3655603291f6b50bfab14607fb71d6
  2. re-add the edit of .bashrc, but fix the -z vs -n bug, and set rvm hom…

    Mark Lucovsky authored Patrick Bozeman committed
    …e correctly
    Change-Id: I9d27c6db8e7bf1e8ee791731688a744520ca93ac
  3. fix install issues caused by recent RVM change and free rake to 0.8.7…

    Mark Lucovsky authored Patrick Bozeman committed
    … since 0.9.0 is broken for rails apps (like cloud controller)
    Change-Id: Ic2302a0d912a2c3b5f8b1fb0ae3bce4473abfac0
  4. keep gitmodules pointing to the staging repo

    Patrick Bozeman authored
    Change-Id: I9d10878c63a645a8805114e76b4da1068b582a7e
  5. Merge remote-tracking branch 'cloudfoundry/master'

    Patrick Bozeman authored
Commits on May 20, 2011
  1. Fail hard on all NATS errors. Prevents us from getting into a state w…

    mpage authored
    …here the DEA is running, but cannot talk over NATS.
    Change-Id: Ic511287697693bf87d9544a6a79005d31c97b99e
Commits on May 17, 2011
  1. @nextmat

    Fix broken ubuntu download link in primary readme.

    nextmat authored Patrick Bozeman committed
  2. @fb3

    "server.js" is one of the most popular file names to put main server …

    fb3 authored Patrick Bozeman committed
    …module code in Node.js apps.
  3. @nextmat

    Clarify instructions for local SSH tunnel.

    nextmat authored Patrick Bozeman committed
  4. @nextmat

    Fix typos, clarify instructions for editing mysql_node.yml

    nextmat authored Patrick Bozeman committed
  5. @nextmat

    Split tweaks into hard linebreaks to be more consistent with existing

    nextmat authored Patrick Bozeman committed
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