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Prototyping board and case for M5Stack
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PROTO v1.1
Proto_v1.1 3D.stl


M5Stack enhanced prototype board and case.

The prototyping board allows through hole connections to the header and therefore the base and battery can then be refitted for standalone use.

Note: The tracks used are undersized in order to pass between the header pads and therefore not recommended for production use.

EasyEDA For those who use the online EasyEDA designer the project can be found at

Files Included:

  • PROTO v1.1 - Contains all gerber files for the board

  • PROTO+v1.1.pcbdoc - Altium file format (for other formats this will need to be converted)

  • PROTO v1.1.pdf - PDF document with all layers

  • Proto_v1.1 3D.stl - 3D file format of case without the holes in the original file

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