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Slidy TUD


  • author: Bo Ferri
  • year: 2011

This is an extension of the Slidy presentation template that was originally created by Dave Raggett. It enables to design a presentation in HTML markup.


  • configurable metadata area on the top right side with (meta identifiers in brackets):
    • short title of the presentation (short_title)
    • author name (author_name)
    • presentation type (presentation type) - to be able to express the kind of a presentation, e.g., thesis defense
  • configurable navigation menu near the bottom:
    • can divide the presentation into up to 5 parts
    • the titles of the parts can be set via meta identifiers (frag_1 - frag_5)
    • single slides can be annotated with a specific part identifier via a class name (s_frag_1 - s_frag_5)
    • this toolbar can be toggled via the key 'M'
  • tabulator simulation:
    • tabulator can be simulated with the help of the classes 'tab' and 'normal' or restrictive 'tab2' and 'normal2'
  • restart page:
    • an URL of a restart page can be defined via the meta identifier 'restart_page'
  • source references:
    • source can be hyperlinked referenced with the help of the class 'source_ref' on an 'A' element
    • application:
      • don't set the 'href' attribute, this will be set automatically via a JavaScript function
      • only set the class 'source_ref' on an 'A' element whose body only includes the number of the source (the source identifier), e.g., '1'
      • attach the class 'sources' to sources slides
      • set the id 's_[source identifier]' for every source reference on a sources slide, e.g., 's_1'
  • set total slides number:
    • you can choose between "total slides number with appendix" or "total slides number without appendix" (i.e. it counts only slides up to last fragment identifier(that is used for the menu))
    • this behavior can be set with the help of the meta identifier 'total_slides_with_appendix':
      • value 'true' == "total slides number with appendix"
      • value 'false' == "total slides number without appendix"
  • scalable centered images/graphics:
    • images should be resized in relation to the size of the browser window
    • divided into two tyes:
      • type 1: the height is greater than the width
        • create a further 'DIV' element in the body and type it with the class 'image_full_center' that includes an 'IMG' element and type it with the class 'image_full_center' see here as an example
      • type 2: the width is greater than the height
        • 1. create a further 'DIV' element in the body and type it with the class 'image_full_center21'
        • 2. create a further 'DIV' element in the 'DIV' element of 1. and type it with the class 'image_full_center22'
        • 3. create a further 'DIV' element in the 'DIV' element of 2. and type it with the class 'image_full_center23'
        • 4. create a 'IMG' element in the 'DIV' element of 3. and type it with the class 'image_full_center23'
        • see here for an example of type 2


  • slide headlines should be a DIV of the class 'headline'
  • slide bodies should be a DIV of the class 'slide_body'


  • Due to the various enhancements (as mentioned above) this Slidy version is not cross-browser-compatible ATM, i.e., it is only compatible with Firefox 4.x+ for the moment


  • see blank.html for an example of the new functionalities
  • see here for Slidy TUD in practise (best view with Firefox 4.x+, full-screen mode on, and Univers font family installed)


The old project repository location at SourceForge is now deprecated. All new developments will be pushed to this repository location here at GitHub.

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