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Zazuko GmbH


  1. trifid Public

    Lightweight Linked Data Server and Proxy

    HTML 62 8

  2. d3-sparql Public

    Query a SPARQL endpoint with a SELECT query and get the data ready to be used with d3js

    JavaScript 105 11

  3. barnard59 Public

    barnard59 is a toolkit to automate extract, transform and load (ETL) like tasks for creating RDF

    JavaScript 10 1

  4. Validate RDF data purely in JavaScript. An implementation of the W3C SHACL specification on top of the RDFJS stack.

    JavaScript 64 10

  5. Zazuko's Default Ontologies & Prefixes

    TypeScript 41 4

  6. clownface Public

    Simple but powerful graph traversing library for RDF

    JavaScript 31 9