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"label": "5ht2a-a75-lstm100-mse",
"description": "Ligand binding prediction for 5-HT2a receptor using a dataset with 75 alternatives and a 100 layer LSTM model",
"dataset": {
"trainingDataJson": "../tmp/",
"testDataJson": "../tmp/"
"model": {
"ioNamesJson": "../tmp/tokens.modelio.json",
"topologyPython": "models/"
"training": {
"batchSize": 128,
"varyingBatchSize": true,
"epochs": 2000,
"lossLogFile": "logs/5ht2a-a75-lstm100-mse.loss.csv",
"testLogFile": "logs/5ht2a-a75-lstm100-mse.test.csv",
"testLogInterval": 1,
"checkpointFile": "logs/5ht2a-a75-lstm100-mse.weights.{epoch:06d}.hdf5",
"checkpointInterval": 200
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