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jira2mantis import plugin
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Jira2mantis import plugin

Imports jira issues to mantis bugs, current version works only with mysql jira backend

tested with mantisbt-1.2.15 and jira v5.1.1#772

It imports:

  • Issues,
  • Comments
  • Issues links
  • tags
  • attachments

(I strongly suggest install only to clean mantis installs)


  • install plugin
  • configure jira database access and map mantis and jira projects (Keep same bug numbers always ON, option currently does nothing)
  • configure priority map, resolution map, status map, relation map
  • for attaches copy jira/data/attachments/ to directory which accessible by mantis, only DATABASE and FTP attachment scheme will work, because if mantis uses DIRECTORY attachment scheme it will use move_uploaded_file() function, which can't be executed successful without really file upload (however i saw some php extesion which allow this).

At the end script should give "Done" without any errors or additional info.

script was done as voluntary helping for charity project

Jira® is trademark of Atlassian which has not affilated any way to this project.

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