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#SocialStyler Style 4chan, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and Imgur with the same beautiful Bootstrap 3 theme.

Basically, I don't like how Reddit and 4chan look, and I'm boring, so I figured "Why not make every social site similar?"

So that's what I'm doing, this will make 5 major social sites look similar by default, but you'll also be able to make sites look like 4chan, Imgur, or Facebook.

##How it looks Bootstrapped theme on 4chan thread. Bootstrap on 4chan

Bootstrapped theme on 4chan thread (gallery view). Bootstrap on 4chan


  • 4chan styling
    • 4chan home page styling
    • 4chan board styling
    • 98% - 4chan thread styling
      • Hook up Reply form
      • Add lists of boards to switch to in sidebar
  • Reddit styling
    • Reddit subreddit/home page styling
    • 25% - Reddit comment thread styling
    • Reddit user page's styling
  • Imgur styling
    • Imgur home page styling
    • Imgur image page styling
    • Imgur user page styling
    • Imgur analytics styling
  • Other Chans
    • 8chan
  • Twitter styling
    • Twitter home page styling
    • Twitter user page styling
  • Facebook Styling


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