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Affinity Attention Graph Neural Network for Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation (TPAMI 2021).

This project is built based on the implementation of SEAM, GatedCRF and AGNN.

Many thanks for their great work.

Step 1: Generate Seed Label

In this step, we try to generate the initial seed labels from different weak supervised cases.

You can directly download the seed label from here and put them into ./data folder.

The whole processing is:

  1. Train the classification network ( in SEAM) and the trained model is available in SEAM Google Drive.
  2. Generate the confident label (top 40%) through using our (compared to original in SEAM, we just add the code to select confident labels). For image-level case, please also save the original CAM file (--out_cam should be given a path).
  3. For box, scribble and point cases, merge the corresponding labels following our paper. The GrabCut label is generated using the code from SDI.

I will update the code of the whole process in the future.

Step 2: Train Affinity Network

In this step, we try to train a CNN which can convert an image to a graph.

You need to prepare at least 2 GPUs (2080Ti) and download the initial model weights from SEAM Google Drive or our BaiDuYun (access code: cvfg).

for the box and scribble supervision:

python --radius 4 --label_dir ./data/Init_Label/[SEAM_Box, SEAM_Scribble] --weights ./netWeights/resnet38_aff_SEAM.pth --session_name res_aff_box --voc12_root your/path/VOC2012

for the image-level and point supervision:

python --radius 3 --label_dir ./data/Init_Label/[SEAM_Point, SEAM_Image] --weights ./netWeights/resnet38_aff_SEAM.pth --session_name res_aff_box --voc12_root your/path/VOC2012

For all cases, we used resnet38_aff_SEAM.pth as the initial weights, which is trained using top 100% label from

Step 3: Generate the Final Pseudo Labels

All the trained model of Step 2 can be download from our BaiDuYun (access code: cvfg).

For Box supervision:

python --voc12_root /your/path/VOC2012 --BoxXmlpath /your/path/VOC2012/Annotations --weights ./netWeights/final_model/aff_box.pth --save_path ./out/box_pred --seed_label_root ./data/Init_Label/SEAM_Box

For Scribble supervision:

python --rw False --voc12_root /your/path/VOC2012 --weights ./netWeights/final_model/aff_scribble.pth --save_path ./out/scibble_pred --seed_label_root ./data/Init_Label/Scribble_SuperPixel

For Image and Point supervision:

python --rw True --voc12_root /your/path/VOC2012 --weights ./netWeights/final_model/[aff_image.pth, aff_point.pth] --save_path ./out/[image_pred,point_pred] --seed_label_root ./data/Init_Label/[SEAM_Point, SEAM_Image] --cam_dir /your/path/cam_dir

The CAM files can be generated using "" (set --out_cam=/your/path)

Also, you can directly download them (about 11G) from Our BaiDuYun (access code:73po).

Step 4: Train a Segmentation Model

For Deeplab v2, we used the code from here.

For PSPNet, we used the code from here.

For Tree-FCN, we used the code from here.

For Mask-RCNN, we used Detectron2.

To train the semantic segmentation model, please reduce the learning rate following SC-CAM.

Note: for generating the results of our ablation study, please set '--infer_list' in 'train_infer_A2GNN_box' and 'train_infer_A2GNN_others' as 'train.txt'.

Related Work

[1] Song, Lin, et al. "Learnable tree filter for structure-preserving feature transform." Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems, 2019.

[2] Wang, Yude, et al. "Self-supervised equivariant attention mechanism for weakly supervised semantic segmentation." Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition. 2020.

[3] Obukhov, Anton, et al. "Gated CRF loss for weakly supervised semantic image segmentation." arXiv preprint arXiv:1906.04651 (2019).

[4] Thekumparampil, Kiran K., et al. "Attention-based graph neural network for semi-supervised learning." arXiv preprint arXiv:1803.03735 (2018).


  title={Affinity Attention Graph Neural Network for Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation},
  author={Zhang, Bingfeng and Xiao, Jimin and Jiao, Jianbo and Wei, Yunchao and Zhao, Yao},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence},


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