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Mail hook for logrus
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Mail Hook for Logrus GoDoc Go Report Card

In some deployments, you'll want to report errors by email. If you add this hook, an email will send for the following levels:

  • Error
  • Fatal
  • Panic

The subject is of the form APPLICATION_NAME - LEVEL and the body contains the timestamp and the message.


Install the package with go:

go get


For APPLICATION_NAME, substitute a short string that will identify your application or service in the logs.

import (

func main() {
  log       := logrus.New()
  // if you do not need authentication for your smtp host
  hook, err := logrus_mail.NewMailHook("APPLICATION_NAME", "HOST", PORT, "FROM", "TO")

  if err == nil {

Example with authentication:

  // if you need authentication for your smtp host
  hook, err := logrus_mail.NewMailAuthHook("APPLICATION_NAME", "HOST", PORT, "FROM", "TO", "USERNAME", "PASSWORD")

If you want to send mails with gmail:

 hook, err := logrus_mail.NewMailAuthHook("testapp", "", 587, "", "", "", "password")

If you get the following error:

Failed to fire hook: 534 5.7.14 <
5.7.14 N0zOlIl3SKJo5pXolT2E87etIZvTL03NXXQI4vST_GvPFo5p5OPvn6XqnQNgJsneZytvRa
5.7.14 nWhV3Qy6cynKd7_s0KRGlGNKI25t15FH9v5ztyFZ80dnM-qXDqRvMr8_pGaYrHKfI9rRB2
5.7.14 3VJLfZAiBBBe0L3IKG6sy8QEFRLylxNLiTvighE2qAfcSnxAxz5kDs1fB0szYnlryuBN0B
5.7.14 43SATbFjeep4iMzAWvVJ9hoGwrqI> Please log in via your web browser and
5.7.14 then try again.
5.7.14  Learn more at
5.7.14 t8sm37578500wjy.41 - gsmtp

Check the Setting Allow less secure apps in the gmail account settings.

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