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This package is browser javascript binding for ZboxFS.

ZboxFS is a zero-details, privacy-focused in-app file system. Its goal is to help application store files securely, privately and reliably. Check more details about ZboxFS.

Get Started


  1. Download zbox-browser-0.6.0.tar.gz from latest release
  2. Extract it to your website's static or public folder
  3. Import it using <script> tag
<script src="zbox-browser-0.6.0/index.js"></script>

Note: because of same-origin policy restriction, use this package as a cross-origin script won't work.

Hello World Example

Visit to create a test repo. Copy its URI and replace [your_repo_uri] in below.

<script src="zbox-browser-0.6.0/index.js"></script>

  (async () => {
    // create a Zbox instance
    const zbox = new Zbox();

    // initialise environment, called once before using Zbox
    await zbox.initEnv({ log: { level: 'debug' } });

    // open the repo
    var repo = await zbox.openRepo({
      uri: '[your_repo_uri]',
      pwd: 'secret password',
      opts: { create: true }

    // create a file
    let file = await repo.createFile('/hello_world.txt');

    // write content to file
    await file.writeOnce('Hello, World!');

    // seek to the beginning of file
    await{ from: Zbox.SeekFrom.Start, offset: 0 });

    // read all content as string
    const str = await file.readAllString()

    // close file, repo and exit Zbox
    await file.close();
    await repo.close();
    await zbox.exit();

API Documentation

Check the API documentation at

How to Build

This is for advanced users who want to build this package by themselves.

You need Docker to build this package.

Build Package


After running this command, package files will be created in dist folder and ready to be released to GitHub.

How to Release

To release this package to GitHub, you need a Personal access tokens.

export ZBOX_BROWSER_GITHUB_TOKEN=[your Personal access token]
node ./scripts/release.js

After running this command, release tarball will be created in release folder and uploaded to GitHub. A draft release will be created as well if it is not there yet.

Latest code will also be committed, tagged and pushed to GitHub.


This package is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License - see the LICENSE file for details.