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melonJS - a fresh & lightweight 2D sprite-based engine

Copyright (C) 2011 - 2013, Olivier BIOT

melonJS is licensed under the MIT License

About melonJS

melonJS is the result of our enthusiasm & experiments with Javascript, and currently features :

  • A fresh & lightweight 2D sprite-based engine
  • Standalone library (does not rely on anything else, except a HTML5 capable browser)
  • Compatible with most major browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, IE)
  • Multiple Audio Channel support
  • Basic physics & collision mechanisms (to ensure low cpu requirements)
  • Tween Effects
  • Transition effects
  • A basic set of Object Entities (to be extended)
  • Basic animation management
  • A state manager (to easily manage loading, menu, options, in-game state)
  • Tiled map format version +0.9.x integration for easy level design
    • Uncompressed Plain, Base64 and CSV encoded XML tilemap loading
    • Orthogonal tilemap with built-in collision management
    • Isometric, Perspective tilemap support
    • Multiple layers (multiple background/Foreground, collision and Image layers)
    • Multiple Tileset support
    • Tileset Transparency settings
    • Layers Alpha settings
    • Tiled Objects
    • Flipped & rotated Tiles
    • Dynamic Layer and Object/Group ordering
    • Dynamic Entity loading
    • Solid, Platform, Slope and Breakable Tiles
  • System & bitmap fonts
  • Mouse and Touch device support (with mouse emulation)
  • some basic GUI elements
  • a customizable loader, etc

Building melonJS

In order to build melonJS, you need to have GNU make and Java installed :

On windows, you should Install Cygwin (be sure to choose “make’ in the package list, note that it should be also possible to use GNU make for Windows), Java can be downloaded from here.

On OS X, you should install Xcode (both Xcode 3 & Xcode 4 version can be used).

On Linux/BSD users should use their appropriate package managers to install make and java.

  • Regular flavored build :

$ cd melonJS

$ make

Both plain and minified library will be available under the "build" directory

  • CoffeeScript flavored build :

First make sure that you have installed :

$ sudo npm install -g coffee-script

$ cd melonJS

$ npm install -d # Installs the deps from the package.json file

$ cake build:browser

Building the documentation

cd melonJS

make doc

The generated documentation will be then available under the "docs" directory

Using melonJS

Follow this tutorial to get started : http://www.melonjs.org/tutorial/index.html

Note that due to the 'cross-origin request' policy implemented in most browsers (that prevents from accessing local files), you will need to either disable this security check (see the tutorial), or better use a "personal" local web server.

Questions, need help ?

If you need help, you can try the melonJS developer forum, or in #melonjs on irc.freenode.net. For any other questions, feel free to send us an email.