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Instant webpage. Just add creativity. A mashup of HTML5 Boilerplate and Bootstrap

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A ready to go website that integrates Boostrap and HTML5 Boilerplate. More best practices than you know what to do with. Just add creativity.

Wait, what? Why?

I wanted bootstrap, but with all of the HTML5 Boilerplate tweaks, Modernizr loading, js compression, plus better coffeescript support, and control of js concatenation.

I also wanted an asset organizational strcuture that better assessed the reality that nowdays we live with an uncomforatble mix of compiled and static sources files for css and javascript.

How to Use:

  • rake watch will build everything and watch for new changes.
  • Always link from bin, put your code in src (to compile) and lib (to leave alone)
  • Use folders in src to specify what you want to concatenate together

Basic Structure & Instructions:

  • Rakefile - Run rake to just build and rake watch to build and watch
  • css
    • bin - All compiled css files end up here
    • lib - Not touched by Rakefile. You should include from src.
    • src - All raw css, or less, or sass files. They are compiled and copied one-to-one to the css/bin directory. Use Less or Sass @include directives to combine multiple files together. If using raw css, use subfolders to concatenate files.
      • your_subfolder - All css (ONLY) files are concatenated and put in css/bin as subfolder.css
  • js
    • bin - All compiled js files. Each file has a regular and minified version.
    • lib - Not touched by Rakefile. Meant for things like jQuery, or anything else you don't want compiled.
    • src - All raw javascript and/or coffeescript files go here. They are compiled and copied one-to-one to the js/bin directory. Use subfolders if you want concatenation.
      • global - All files put in here will be concatenated, compiled, and put in js/bin as global.js and global.min.js
      • your_subfolder - All files in 'your_subfolder' are concatenated, compiled, and put in js/bin as your_subfolder.js and your_subfolder.min.js

Best Practices

  • Use the built-in @include directives of less and sass to include files from css/lib.
  • Think carefully about what you actually want to concatenate, and what you want to independently load.
  • All javascript (except modernizr itself) should be loaded with Modernizr.


  • gem install watchr - To enable code watching
  • npm install -g uglify-js - To minify javascript
  • npm install -g coffee-script - To compile coffeescript if you use any
  • npm install -g less - To compile LESS if you use any
  • gem install sass - To compile SASS if you use any
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