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Queries for CdV 2018 PM20 (20th Century Press Archives)

Normally the queries use the SPARQL endpoint at Queries on the Wikidata endpoint may link via PM20 folder ID (wdt:P4293). Federated queries involving both endpoints are supported. Alternatively, the named graph holds an extract from Wikidata (labels, German Wikipedia pages, etc.) for the connected items.

All queries are restricted to the subset of folders relevant for Coding da Vinci 2018. For queries on the total of PM20, see

Query Description
dummy Template for queries (results)
count_folder_types Count folders by type, with counts of GND and Wikidata IDs and German Wikipedia page links
search_folders_by_text Search folders by text
companies_with_reports Full list of companies which have business reports

Controlled vocabularies (parameterized queries)

Person folders

List Description
nationality Nationality
activity/about Field of activity
activity/location Country of activity

Organization folders

List Description
type Type of the organization
industry Industry / sector
location Location
broaderLocation Broader location
member/roleName Roles of organization members

Links to other datasets

Query Description
economists Economists with links to Wikipedia, DDB images, EconBizWorks
judaicalink_overlap Overlap in CdV datasets by FID Jewish Studies and ZBW (JudaicaLink and PM20, via common GND)
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