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Revision history for Plack::Middleware::Auth::Form.
0.001 2011-02-26
First release.
0.002 2011-02-27
No "use feature ':5.10'".
0.005 2011-03-01
File::Spec to get the app.psgi file in tests.
0.006 2011-03-01
Docs improvements
0.008 2011-03-05
Some prerequisites added
0.009 2011-05-23
More compliance with the PSGI spec:
Prefix for login form snippet is now 'Plack::Middleware::Auth::Form.LoginForm'
HTTP headers are now array reference (tokuhirom)
0.010 2011-08-04
Experimental _wrap_body method (by chromatic)
ssl_port parameter added
0.011 2012-04-06
session fixation attack protection (by hayajo)
session usage explanations (suggested by Kaare Rasmussen)
user dependent redirection page (suggested by Kaare Rasmussen)
fixing the 'logged user' check (suggested in
logging out after a failed login (suggested in
keeping the 'Expires' on the cookie (
_logout_hook (suggested by G. Paul Ziemba)
fix PSGI spec compliance in t/app.psgi (ilmari)
validate request/response with Plack::Middleware::Lint (Tokuhiro Matsuno <>)