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tokuhirom commented Mar 28, 2011

And validate request/response with P::Middleware::Lint.

@tokuhirom tokuhirom respect PSGI request/response spec.
And validate request/response with P::Middleware::Lint.

zby commented on 67c16bc Mar 28, 2011

Thanks for the patch. I'll try to take from it as much as I can - but I don't want to test wrapping the middleware together with ->call in this unit test file. I want to have the tests here as specific as they can be - that's why I use ->call instead of wrapping the middleware and using it as a Plack app. Last week I've seen a good argument for doing it this way at Hacker News (or maybe it was proggit?): so I think I'll stick to this. I am open for adding additional test files though.


zby commented Mar 28, 2011

Hmm - the rebuttal to that linked article is also pretty strong: . I'll some time to think it over.


ilmari commented Dec 4, 2013

Have you had enough time to think it over yet? See also


ilmari commented Dec 5, 2013

The code part of this had already been merged, and I've merged the test part (with minor changes) now.

ilmari closed this Dec 5, 2013

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