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Revision history for WebNano
0.001 17-10-2010
Initial release.
0.002 17-10-2010
Hiding examples from PAUSE
0.003 2010-11-21
Using Class::Load
0.004 2010-11-23
DEBUG set from env
some improvements in debug info
0.005 2010-12-15
the path is split in the app class and passed around as an array
docs improvements from Jeff Doozan
0.006 2011-02-28
psgi_callback renamed to psgi_app (this seems to be unwritten standard)
docs improvements (Plack::Middleware::Auth::Form mentioned)
there are incompatible changes!
got rid of DirController (add sub search_subcontrollers { 1 } to get the functionality
with standard Controller
path attribute for the Controller class - removing all the path parameter passing
dispatch_to_class factored out