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death of a thousand cuts. Some of those problems can be solved and I believe
that solving them would make a difference. WebNano is my attempt at doing that.
-Please don'tread what follows as a criticism of Catalyst - I need a point
-of reference to show how WebNano improves over existing solutions and the
-framework I know the best is Catalyst.
+Probably the most popular Perl web framework is Catalyst now, it is also the
+web framework I know the best - this is why I choose it as the point of reference
+for the analysis below.
<h2>Controllers in request scope</h2>
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data and still be immutable for his whole life time. This was the moment when
WebNano was born.
-I tried many Perl web frameworks but I
+I have tried many Perl web frameworks but I
found only one more that uses controllers in request scope - it is a very
fundamental distinguishing feature of WebNano. It's not only about reducing
the clutter of repeatable parameter passing - I believe that putting object into

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