Objective-C implementation of Gang of Four design patterns.
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Objective-C Design Patterns Kata

This project was inspired by my teammate nazgob, who created similar project in C++.

Long story short, it's for practicing Objective-C and for design patterns reference.

How and When

After I study one of design pattern from famous Gang of Four book, I'm trying to implement it in Objective-C. When? When I have some spare time.

Excuses, excuses

Please don't shout at me that interfaces and implementations are in the same file (really whole single pattern is in a single file). This is for sake of simplicity and fast reference of all classes taking part in specific design pattern implementation.

Any suggestions, questions and comments are more then welcome.


Nothing really to do. Fork the project or just download it.


This project contains X-Code project file, so compilation should go as smoothly as possible. There is one target named "All" (brilliant name, isn't it?), which compiles all other targets (what a surprise). If you have any errors or warning, just write to me.


After compilation will finish successfully, in your build directory you will see executables in the number of currently implemented design patterns. Name of the executable corresponds to the name of the design pattern (you wouldn't know, do you? ;).

UML Diagrams

Again, I'm not the UML master, but maybe you will find UML diagrams (or something that tries to imitate them) of implemented patterns useful for getting to know what is going on in the code. These UML diagrams were created with help of yuml.me web page.


Copyright (c) 2010 Zbigniew Kominek