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📢 Revelry 📢

Automatic API for your Sound Files

Inspired by Gilfoyle's Napalm Death Bitcoin alert... 🤘

Revelry is a simple app that wraps your sound files with a REST-style API. You can then call the API to play sounds. Revelry assumes your server has a speaker (i.e. your server is a wifi-enabled Arduino or your old laptop!).

Use cases include:

  1. An audio notification system for webhooks
  2. Trolling your friends with a hidden speaker that you control with your cell phone 😈
  3. A Jukebox controlled by raw HTTP requests 🎵

The REST api mirrors the file structure of your /sounds directory. Some sample sounds are included (Unreal Tournament, George Michael, Eye of the Tiger...)

PRs and additional sounds welcome!

To Use

  1. Clone repo
  2. npm i
  3. nvm use (Or manually switch to Node 8.9);
  4. Drop sounds into subdirectories of the sounds folder. You can create any directories you want, but Revelry currently supports only one layer deep.
  5. npm start to launch
  6. Send requests to localhost:3000/subdirectory-name-here/filename-here
  7. Explore sound options from localhost:3000

How to Easily Make Your Server Public

Download and set up ngrok.

From inside your Revelry project folder...

npm start
ngrok http 3000

You're live! 👏