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Bitcoin Error Log (1): Edit for grammar: "block chain"

Christian von Roques (1): bash-completion: Adapt for 0.12 and 0.13

Jack Grigg (32): Add getlocalsolps and getnetworksolps RPC calls, show them in getmininginfo Add benchmark for attempting decryption of notes Add benchmark for incrementing note witnesses Add -metricsui flag to toggle between persistent screen and rolling metrics Add -metricsrefreshtime option Only show metrics by default if stdout is a TTY Document metrics screen options Clarify that metrics options are only useful without -daemon and -printtoconsole Increase length of metrics divider Write witness caches when writing the best block Apply miniupnpc patches to enable compilation on Solaris 11 Add an upstream miniupnpc patch revision Address review comments, tweak strings Change function names to not clash with Bitcoin, apply to correct binaries Add bash completion files to Debian package Always bash-complete the default account Add Zcash RPC commands to CLI argument completion Document behaviour of CWallet::SetBestChain Fix indentation Generate JS for trydecryptnotes, make number of addresses a variable Add JS to second block to ensure witnesses are incremented Skip JoinSplit verification before the last checkpoint Add a reindex test that fails because of a bug in decrementing witness caches Make the test pass by fixing the bug! Only check cache validity for witnesses being incremented or decremented Fix bug in wallet tests Extract block-generation wallet test code into a function Rewrite reindex test to check beyond the max witness cache size Fix bug in IncrementNoteWitness() Update payment API docs to recommend -rescan for fixing witness errors Update version to 1.0.4 Update man pages

Jay Graber (2): Replace bitcoin with zcash in rpcprotocol.cpp Gather release notes from previous release to HEAD

Jeffrey Walton (1): Add porter dev overrides for CC, CXX, MAKE, BUILD, HOST

Scott (1): Metrics - Don't exclaim unless > 1

Sean Bowe (8): Isolate verification to a ProofVerifier context object that allows verification behavior to be tuned by the caller. Regression test. Ensure cache contains valid entry when anchor is popped. Ensure ProofVerifier cannot be accidentally copied. Rename Dummy to Disabled. Add more tests for ProofVerifier. ASSERT_TRUE -> ASSERT_FALSE Check that E' points are actually in G2 by ensuring they are of order r.

Simon Liu (8): Fix stale comment referencing upstream block interval Add checkpoint at block height 15000 Closes #1857. Fixes bug where tx spending only notes had priority of 0. Closes #1901. Increase default settings for the max block size when mining and the amount of space available for priority transactions. Closes #1903. Add fee parameter to z_sendmany. Fixes #1823. Witness anchors for input notes no longer cross block boundaries. Increase timeout as laptops on battery power have cpu throttling. WitnessAnchorData only needs to store one witness per JSOutPoint.

lpescher (3): Make command line option to show all debugging consistent with similar options Update documentation to match the #4219 change Update help message to match the #4219 change