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Notable changes

Overwinter network upgrade

The activation height for the Overwinter network upgrade on mainnet is included in this release. Overwinter will activate on mainnet at height 347500, which is expected to be mined on the 25th of June 2018. Please upgrade to this release, or any subsequent release, in order to follow the Overwinter network upgrade.

-mempooltxinputlimit deprecation

The configuration option -mempooltxinputlimit was added in release 1.0.10 as a short-term fix for the quadratic hashing problem inherited from Bitcoin. At the time, transactions with many inputs were causing performance issues for miners. Since then, several performance improvements have been merged from the Bitcoin Core codebase that significantly reduce these issues.

The Overwinter network upgrade includes changes that solve the quadratic hashing problem, and so -mempooltxinputlimit will no longer be needed - a transaction with 1000 inputs will take just as long to validate as 10 transactions with 100 inputs each. Starting from this release, -mempooltxinputlimit will be enforced before the Overwinter activation height is reached, but will be ignored once Overwinter activates. The option will be removed entirely in a future release after Overwinter has activated.

NODE_BLOOM service bit

Support for the NODE_BLOOM service bit, as described in BIP 111, has been added to the P2P protocol code.

BIP 111 defines a service bit to allow peers to advertise that they support Bloom filters (such as used by SPV clients) explicitly. It also bumps the protocol version to allow peers to identify old nodes which allow Bloom filtering of the connection despite lacking the new service bit.

In this version, it is only enforced for peers that send protocol versions >=170004. For the next major version it is planned that this restriction will be removed. It is recommended to update SPV clients to check for the NODE_BLOOM service bit for nodes that report version 170004 or newer.


Brad Miller (2): Clean up Implement note locking for z_mergetoaddress

Charlie O'Keefe (1): Add filename and sha256 hash for windows rust package

Daira Hopwood (5): Squashed commit of the following: pyflakes cleanups to RPC tests after Overwinter PRs. Add support for Overwinter v3 transactions to mininode framework. Test that receiving an expired transaction does not increase the peer's ban score. Don't increase banscore if the transaction only just expired.

Daniel Kraft (1): trivial: use constants for db keys

Jack Grigg (47): Add environment variable for setting ./configure flags in zcutil/ Add configure flags for enabling ASan/UBSan and TSan Split declaration and definition of SPROUT_BRANCH_ID constant Add link to Overwinter info page Notify users about auto-senescence via -alertnotify test: Move wait_and_assert_operationid_status debug output before asserts Don't require RELRO and BIND_NOW for Darwin Only set multicore flags if OpenMP is available Revert "remove -mt suffix from boost libraries built by depends" Use correct Boost::System linker flag for libzcash depends: Remove -mt suffix from Boost libraries snark: Remove -mt suffix from Boost library cleanup: Ensure code is pyflakes-clean for CI Ignore -mempooltxinputlimit once Overwinter activates depends: Explicitly download and vendor Rust dependencies Make Rust compilation mandatory Optimise serialization of MerklePath, avoiding ambiguity of std::vector Use uint64_t instead of size_t for serialized indices into tx.vjoinsplit Move explicit instantiation of IncrementalMerkleTree::emptyroots into header libsnark: Don't set -static on Darwin Set PLATFORM flag when compiling libsnark Add base case to CurrentEpoch() Cast ZCIncrementalMerkleTree::size() to uint64_t before passing to UniValue rpcwallet.cpp: Cast size_t to uint64_t before passing to UniValue wallet: Cast size_t to uint64_t before passing to UniValue Test calling z_mergetoaddress to merge notes while a note merge is ongoing depends: Fix regex bugs in Fix z_importviewingkey startHeight parameter Add RPC test of RewindBlockIndex When rewinding, remove insufficiently-validated blocks Adjust deprecation message to work in both UI and -alertnotify Refactor Zcash changes to CCoinsViewDB Update RPC test for Zcash Update CBlockTreeDB::EraseBatchSync for dbwrapper refactor Fix typo test: Check return value of snprintf test: Add missing Overwinter fields to mininode's CTransaction Add RPC test for -enforcenodebloom Fix NODE_BLOOM documentation errors Move bloom filter filtering logic back into command "switch" Update -enforcenodebloom RPC test with filterclear vs filteradd Versioning changes for 1.1.0-rc1. Updated manpages for 1.1.0-rc1. Updated release notes and changelog for 1.1.0-rc1. Set Overwinter protocol version to 170005 Versioning changes for 1.1.0. Updated manpages for 1.1.0.

James O'Beirne (3): Refactor leveldbwrapper Minor bugfixes Add tests for gettxoutsetinfo, CLevelDBBatch, CLevelDBIterator

Jason Davies (1): Fix typo in comment: should link to issue #1359.

Jay Graber (1): Set ban score for expired txs to 0

Jeff Garzik (3): leveldbwrapper: Remove unused .Prev(), .SeekToLast() methods leveldbwrapper symbol rename: Remove "Level" from class, etc. names leveldbwrapper file rename to dbwrapper.*

Jonathan "Duke" Leto (7): Fix references to Bitcoin in RPC tests readme This library seems to not be used at all and all comments mentioning it are ghosts Update awkward wording about blocks as per @daira Regtest mining does have a founders reward, a single address t2FwcEhFdNXuFMv1tcYwaBJtYVtMj8b1uTg Fix outdated comment about starting balance of nodes Return JoinSplit and JoinSplitOutput indexes in z_listreceivedbyaddress Add tests for new JoinSplit keys returned by z_listreceivedbyaddress

Lauda (1): [Trivial] Grammar and typo correction

Matt Corallo (3): Add test for dbwrapper iterators with same-prefix keys. Add NODE_BLOOM service bit and bump protocol version Don't do mempool lookups for "mempool" command without a filter

Patick Strateman (3): Move bloom filter filtering logic outside of command "switch" (giant if/else). Add enforcenodebloom option. Document both the peerbloomfilters and enforcenodebloom options.

Pavel Janík (1): Do not shadow members in dbwrapper

Pieter Wuille (2): Encapsulate CLevelDB iterators cleanly Fix chainstate serialized_size computation

R E Broadley (1): Allow filterclear messages for enabling TX relay only.

Simon Liu (14): Code clean up. Remove use of X macro. Enable mempool logging in tx expiry QA test. Closes #3084. Log txid when removing expired txs from mempool. Add qa test for cache invalidation bug found in v1.0.0 to v1.0.3. Remove local function wait_and_assert_operationid_status which is now defined in the test framework for shared usage. Update boost to 1.66.0 Part of #2966, extending Sprout tests to other epochs. Update boost package URL to match official download url on Closes #3110. Ensure user can see error message about absurdly high fees. Closes #2910. Add z_listunspent RPC call. Upgrade OpenSSL to 1.1.0h Use range based for loop Bump MIT Licence copyright header. Fix test to check for sanitized string from alertnotify.

Wladimir J. van der Laan (6): dbwrapper: Pass parent CDBWrapper into CDBBatch and CDBIterator dbwrapper: Move HandleError to dbwrapper_private chain: Add assertion in case of missing records in index db test: Add more thorough test for dbwrapper iterators test: Replace remaining sprintf with snprintf doc: update release-notes and for BIP111

kozyilmaz (1): Fix test/gtest bugs caught by latest macOS clang

rofl0r (2): fix build error due to usage of obsolete boost_system-mt remove -mt suffix from boost libraries built by depends